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Camera 360 – Photo Editor + Camera & Beauty Selfies is your one-stop solution for live camera filters, photo, and video editing. This amazing app has all the features that you will ever need in order to make your photo or video look gorgeous. Clicking pictures is an art but a raw picture might not look that eventful or engaging, this is where editing comes in, it can make the picture look exactly like we see from our eyes or make it more dramatic and more cinematic to soothe the eyes of the viewer.

Photos communicate a lot more than words will ever do and that is why it is an art, capturing a photo from different angles can communicate different perspectives, that is the beauty of it. I absolutely love clicking photos as well and since this app is so flawless to use, more often than not, I end up using this app rather than the default camera app.

Camera 360 offers tonnes and tonnes of filters that you can choose from, this makes it super easy to take photos according to the scenario and since it is instantaneous, it reduces your workload, because a photo without a filter will have to be edited afterward by keeping the scenario in mind making it a bit tedious. Do you want to look good? no problemo, this app has options that will make your skin clean and free from blemishes, super soft skin is what everyone wants and you can get it in just a few clicks. This camera app also features a one-touch beauty mode wherein you will get amazing results with just one click, this mode adjusts things like brightness, contrast, saturation and also applies filters according to the photo making it look tempting and hot as well. The most unique feature that I witnessed was the face and body shaping feature, this feature lets you edit your face or your body parts in order to make them look attractive and eye-catchy.

Ever heard of the magic sky? If not, this game has this feature that will let you bid adieu to the cloudy sky and allow you to paint the sky in the color you want, and not just that there are options to play around with like anime sky or the dreamy sky. All of this in one freaking application. You can also edit your photos to make them look like a painting, you can do this by the great artist method. Camera 360 also has 30 makeup filters that let you color yourself in the one you want.

You will also have the option to choose from 300+ filters that will make your photos absolutely breathtaking The fun element gets added due to the stickers that are on offer in this app. There are a lot of stickers and these stickers not only capture your face but also your expressions making it look awesome. Small music videos are the ones that people often love, shoot small videos of 10s-60s, add music and filter, Voila!!! Your short music video is ready. Camera 360 has more than 1 billion downloads and this is a great indication that people really love using the app. The impressive rating as well speaks for itself.

The filters are really fantastic. With this camera app, it is possible to take images that are more realistic. It frequently aids in the enhancement of one’s self-esteem. I think it would have been better if the app came with a built-in tutorial on how to use it, perhaps under the settings menu.

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