[UNLIMITED] Asian Cooking Star MOD 1.41.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements4.4 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Unlimited Money

Asian Cooking Star: New Restaurant & Cooking Games Description

This game lets you explore Asian food tastes from Japan, China, and India as you prepare dishes in Asia’s best kitchens! You will become a true five-star chef in this game by playing one of the top cooking games around today.

You don’t need any more than your appetite for adventure because this cooking game has got it all: fast paced gameplay with an intuitive interface that lets you jump straight into making delicious international cuisine like sushi or pho soup; variety of locations across different Asian countries so there is always something new happening on screen no matter what level player you are. You can choose from a vast variety of ingredients spanning every culture imaginable–from juicy tomatoes to exotic spices!

I know many people who enjoy cooking as a hobby. But have you ever wondered how they would do it if the ingredients were limited to what could be found in an average kitchen? If so, then this game might be just up your alley. This game lets players go through hundreds of levels and learn all sorts of different recipes from around Asia. Some are easy enough for any wannabe chefs while others will challenge even veteran chefs with their tricky time management games and unique culinary techniques. It’s like being given access to dozens of new restaurants without having to leave home. This game is really amazing for those who are into cooking.

Asian Cooking Star has one of the best and most smooth gameplay ever in cooking games. In this game, you must cook dishes for your customers from around Asia without missing a beat as they order their dish at lightning speeds while screaming out what ingredients to use next. You’ll need skillful fingers that can quickly tap on each ingredient before it pops up again or else risk losing points when time runs out but don’t worry if you create an epic fail. You always can play the level again and master your skills through that process.

The game is simply amazing. All the things from controls to graphics have been well thought out and deserves a praise. I hope the devs keep on improving the game.

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