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A Surprisingly Similar Android App to iOS
Apart from the subscription phase, the Apple Music experience on Android is nearly identical to that on iOS. From browsing your Library to exploring the For You and Radio tabs, the different screens are almost identical to those on iOS. Even downloading and exploring new music is as easy and seamless as it is on your iPhone or iPad.
Have you ever desired to locate a song but knew only the refrain or a few words from the lyrics? Apple Music now allows you to browse for songs simply by entering a few words from the lyrics. The service will quickly search Apple’s massive music library for lyrics and suggest tracks, albums, and artists that might fit the song that’s stuck in your mind.Using Your Computer to Browse and Add Music
Naturally, you can also scan by artist or song title, or simply browse your favourite genres. The For You tab in Apple Music will make recommendations based on your listening experience. The more you listen, the more accurate those suggestions become. Additionally, it helps if you Like or Dislike songs as you listen by tapping the Heart icons on the right side of the Now Playing screen.

Apple Music allows you to download your favourite artists, singles, and songs when you add them to your Library. Additionally, you can choose whether or not your computer uses cellular data for streaming and downloading content through Settings. You can save your downloaded music either to internal memory or to an SD card. This is a choice that iOS users do not have, as iOS devices lack SD card slots.

What Makes the Android Apple Music Experience Outstanding
There is a great deal to admire about Apple Music on Android. The whole experience is enjoyable, from subscribing to maximising the app’s functionality. You can easily search Apple’s massive music catalogue, create custom playlists, and even generate radio stations based on your favourite songs, artists, and genres.

The app offers curated knowledge about each artist and song, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of the music you enjoy. The controls in the app are identical to those on the iOS version of the service. As a result, if you’ve migrated from iOS to Android, you won’t need to learn a new gui.

Apple Music also has a few features that Google Music does not. In comparison to Google Play Music, Apple Music allows you to see the lyrics to the majority of your songs as you listen. The lyrics scroll along with the tune, highlighting the words as they are sung (or screamed.)

Is Apple Music Perfect Outside of iOS?
No, but I’d say that it’s still not great on iOS. We’ve previously stated that Apple Music’s execution has been nearly flawless, and I still believe that, but hiccups do occur. There is one small fault with the service’s Android application that can become very aggravating at times.

When you’re listening to Apple Music on Android, Apple Music appears in your Notifications. Clearing all of your updates at once has no effect on playback in Google Play Music or YouTube Music. Regrettably, it does on Apple Music. When all notifications are cleared while listening to Apple Music, playback pauses.

Apple Music on Android Continues to Outperform Google Play Music
Despite its quirks, I still prefer Apple Music to its Android rivals. The app is more streamlined, and the music curation and recommendation system are more in line with my musical tastes. I’ve already cancelled my subscription to Google Play Music, but Apple Music is here to stay.

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