[UNLIMITED] Animal Warfare MOD 2.9.4 (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperPlaySide Studios
Requirements5.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Unlimited Money

Animal Warfare Description

Take the auto-battle sim genre and add a splash of ridiculous by adding dozens of cute and vicious animals to the fray. Animal Warfare is a strategy game for Android that lets you control dozens of different animals in fierce battles against one another, and it’s just as entertaining as it sounds!

Designed with an adorable cartoon art style, Animal Warfare has some real strategic depth to offer even veteran players of this genre. You’ll have to learn how each animal behaves on their own while also learning how they interact with other species when pitted together. Optimal strategies can vary wildly depending on what type of battle you’re fighting and who your opponent is, so get ready to adjust accordingly!

You have two types of units: wild animals who are happy living in their natural habitat or domesticated ones that live near humans. You’ll need both groups if you want to conquer other colonies because they’re not completely safe from predators when they venture out into unfamiliar territory! Your army will start off small but grow as you explore new areas; some factions may even give up their independence so that they can join your colony willingly.

There are more than 60 types of various animals waiting patiently for your command: tigers, wolves, frogs…and many others too numerous to mention here.

Build and upgrade your army your way to take on challenging fights.

You’ll be able to assign different types of combat units or deploy them in formations, but there are also a lot more tactics at your disposal. Planting trees and rocks can help you create barriers for your opponent’s army while they’re weakened from fighting your other squadrons; peppering an area with healing fruit will keep nearby animals healthy after a battle has just finished. Animal Warfare is full of tools that make it possible to come up with new strategies on the fly!

Alliances may shift as players exploit these loopholes, so don’t get too comfortable about working out all the kinks in one plan: if you’ve mastered this game once, then know that there’s always something new waiting around every corner. In Animal Warfare, you will have to use your wit and cunning to gain the upper hand on your opponents.

Ever since the latest update, I can’t play my favorite game without being interrupted by ads. Turning on airplane mode is a work-around for this problem and it’s true that gaming has never been so much fun!

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