[UNLIMITED] Adobe Photoshop Camera: Photo Editor & Lens Filter

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Photoshop is a household name, even among those who have never edited images with the app. And, while there have been image editing applications for Android for some time, Adobe has taken a stab at photography with its new Photoshop Camera app, including a slew of bizarre features.


Adobe is relying heavily on its artificial intelligence (AI) system Sensei, which connects photography, artistic effects, and editing. While it may seem that this app needs expertise, it is simply designed for anyone capable of taking snapshots with their phone.


Additionally, it is a special location where filters are referred to as “lenses” and the app can apply effects or edits automatically. Alternatively, you can opt to do the majority of the work yourself. Although the versatility is appealing, more serious mobile photographers will be put off by the amount of noise here.

To begin, it’s commendable that Adobe provides this app for free. Sometimes, the company’s goods are locked behind paywalls or require a subscription fee. However, in this case, the entire feature set of the app is readily accessible.


Rather than making this app as complex and informative as the company’s typical editing apps, the company kept it as basic as a normal camera app on any computer. The catch is that you can shoot normally or use one of the Lenses to add artistic flair to your shots. Additionally, the order is irrelevant because you can apply it to a photo after the fact, placing less importance on the equipment you want to shoot with at any given time.

For instance, if you shoot with a filter already applied but later decide to remove it or want to see an unfiltered version, you can simply pick your preference in the app. While I enjoyed the flexibility, I can see the benefit of reversing buyer’s remorse for users who wish they had tried anything else.


Personally, I’m not a fan of all the filtering that occurs on social media platforms, especially Instagram. Although the term “Lenses” is a misnomer, Adobe refers to them as filters. There are approximately 30 lenses to choose from, with an additional 80 or so filters, as some of them have unique effects.


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