[Modded] Underworld Office MOD 1.3.9 (Unlimited Tickets)

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DeveloperBuff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
Requirements5.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Unlimited Tickets

Underworld Office: Visual Novel, Adventure Game Description

Young People are always fantasized about romantic novels, a part of the young generation is quite interested in reading out the novels and they do explore all these fantasies through these novels but there is another part of this generation that doesn’t like to read books and never gives it enough time, however, Underworld Office: Visual novel, an Adventure game is the game for this part of the generation.

This is a great thing that can be used to kill boredom. The game proves to be a great re-enactment of the novel, for some people books are the way to go because of the nuance that it provides but some people don’t find books as attractive as they should and for them the game proves to be a great resource. This offline game is unlike other games in the way it progresses, it is more of a storytelling, often adventurous, and meant to give you the chills every time you play it. Underworld Office has been the hot topic game for quite a long time, and I believe it is quite unique because of the way it triggers different emotions within you, most of the other games make you feel one emotion very strongly, it might be of heroism or patriotism or any other emotion.

Underworld Office is a journey, a mysterious one that takes your brain through a series of different scenarios triggering different responses and hence different emotions. The storyline is quite attractive and uses a boy as a protagonist, the boy got lost in the underworld and was saved by a ghost thereafter, the ghost wants the boy to work in his landowning office to repay the favor, this is the start of the story and as you progress in it, the story becomes more and more appealing. The game is great in terms of retention of its players and this in itself is an indication that the game is good.

Since this game is offline, you can enjoy it anywhere you want, the controls are intuitive and you won’t face any problems regarding the same. It is an adventure that will not let you get bored of the game. There are as many as 40 cartoons and 150 illustrations in the game. This game also sets a goal for its players which is a good thing because it aims to bring consistency, you will have to collect 25 badges and 60 illustrated albums in the game. It is fun because the game not only lets you enjoy but also gives you lessons that you would have got from reading the novel.

Decision-making is one more unique thing about this game, this is something that we all need in life, you have to make a choice in this game at every given moment and what you choose will steer the story in a given direction. The right decision will make your journey easier but it is the wrong decision that will shape your personality even in the real world, this game is truly deserving and you will love playing it, if you are someone who is passionate about playing story mode games then this game is definitely for you, so just download it and enjoy the game.

It is a game with a compelling tale and a visually appealing design! In addition to the cute art, I am loving it so far because of the intriguing characters and scenarios. Despite the fact that I am normally apprehensive about making game selections, it is nice to know that there are usually only two distinct possibilities available. And the advertisements for additional tickets aren’t too bothersome because the timer usually runs out when you run out of tickets. This is a fantastic game!

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