[Unlimited] Ultimate Motorcycle Simulator MOD 3.6.15 (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperSir Studios
Requirements5.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Ultimate Motorcycle Simulator Description

As the name suggests Ultimate Motorcylce Simulator is a motorcycle simulator game. The thing that sets it apart from other motorcycle simulator games is that it features the most realistic physics engine. It gives the players an opportunity to ride a motocycle without stepping out of their home. Moreover, everybody cannot afford these superbikes and ride them as they want. This game gives those people an escape from reality. They will feel like their dreams have come true as one of their greatest desire is being fulfilled.

One thing that I have noticed in automobile lovers is that they love their vehicles very passionately. It is like their number one priority in their lives. They simply cannot go without it. The hype around these superbikes is crazy. Any enthusiast will fall in love with this game in a matter of seconds.

The game features an open world. Unlike other games where the developers only create the open world for the heck of it, Ultimate Motorcycle Simulator developers have thought well upon it and crafted it to utmost perfection. You simply cannot find a more detailed open world in any of the motorcycle simulator games. It is also not that you will only be driving in cities. You will have the option to ride your bike in deserts, race tracks, snow, and busy cities. Each of them has its unique experience and you cannot pinpoint which one is the best.

It will vary from one person to another. You do have the option to ride any of the open worlds but not when you start playing the game. You will have to pass on many levels before you could unlock every map. It is evident that you will have to play for hours but it is simply worth it in my opinion.

All the motorcycles in this game have unlimited customizations and you can literally change every stock part of your motorcycle. Although, many games have this kind of feature the point is that you could fine tune the parts according to your needs in this game. It is simply unheard of in motorcycle simulator games. You also get the option to add unlimited vinyl on your motorcycle. This vinyl will make your motorcycle stand out from the crowd and you could also show it off to your friends. However, about these custom parts is that they are highly expensive and sometimes you would feel like that this is a “pay to win” game. There are bonuses to ease some of it but in the long run, you will have to spend hours to collect the money. Your character will also have the option to choose from a variety of gears which is amazing in my opinion.

The graphics of the game is simply phenomenal and it is in 3D. Apart from the realistic open-world maps the motorcycles also look extremely realistic and the paint job on them is also amazing. You could literally see your character’s face on your motorcycle’s body. The sound effects are real since most of it is taken from the real ones. There are countless motorcycles to choose from and you could literally find a motorcycle of every brand in the world.

In my opinion, it was a fantastic concept to create a motorbike version of the popular car game. Something I wish was possible is that we could get paid for doing wheelies, and I also wish that the automobiles in traffic mode were more realistically sized. This game is fantastic other than that one flaw! I hope the developers keep on updating the app and solve some of the weird issues that I found while playing the game.

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