Real Time Shields MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperLion Studios
Requirements5.1 and up
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Unlimited Money

Real Time Shields Description

Real Time Shields is an exhilarating 3D strategy game in which stick people are the protagonists. You command a formidable army that is tasked with repelling intruders. Protecting the base from enemies who will come at you with shields raised and do everything in their power not to allow them to reach your tower so they can take it down is the only goal in mind, which means taking out any enemy before he gets too close or wiping him out as soon as possible when he does get too close for comfort! It is essential that you command all troops strategically in order to achieve success: upgrading weaponry rapidly and dispatching squad members into battle intelligently are both critical components of prevailing against hordes without suffering too many fatalities on your side! Of course, soldiers will have a difficult time obeying orders – especially given the fact that certain adversaries are quite violent.

Graphics and sound

Real Time Shields has crisp, simple, and spectacular three-dimensional images. Everything is displayed clearly, including action symbols, character portraits, and weaponry. Players will have an incredible sense of security in each ferocious encounter from here. Additionally, the game’s audio is heavily involved. You may hear footsteps moving, warriors yelling, the breaking of an enemy, and dramatic background music.

Real Time Shields is a new approach on the tower defence genre that will appeal to fans of the game. However, the action is fast-paced and simple to learn, yet it contains enough intricacy for anyone seeking a more difficult challenge. Because you have complete control over your soldiers in this game, it is possible to build diverse formations as needed – even during conflict! The feeling of being an actual general giving orders from a high vantage point will be overwhelming when they wreak havoc on enemy lines. Watching explosions tear through enemies has never been so satisfying before now that we can actually see them blow apart instead of just seeing numbers go down or their heads turned into spaghetti sauce while sipping our lattes (no judging).

Game Interface

Real Time Shields is an intuitive touch and drag interface that is simple to use. Players may use their fingers to design a variety of shapes, such as circles or hearts, that will act as shields to protect their base from approaching forces during the game. If the opponent fails in its attack on the player’s shield patterns, it does not lose morale; instead, it continues to march towards you until full victory is gained by either side! The strength levels of players’ armies rise as they march through waves of adversaries (using whatever form is necessary), allowing them to upgrade their army with new troops that are more powerful than those available early in the game. You’ll have to experience this game for yourself to really appreciate how incredible it is.

Although the aesthetics are basic, this combat strategy mobile app provides hard gameplay while yet staying enjoyable and accessible to players of all skill levels, regardless of their device.


Real Time Shields’ easy controls and ease of use will appeal to everyone who enjoys painting. With the assistance of your finger, these one-of-a-kind real-time movement decisions are produced. It is possible to draw a number of popular shapes, including circles, hearts, curves, and short lines. The controls are simple to understand and operate, and after a short length of time, you will notice no change.


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