[Unlocked] Potion Punch 2: Fantasy Cooking Adventures MOD (Unlimited Coins/Crystals)

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DeveloperMonstronauts Inc.
Requirements4.4 and up
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Potion Punch 2: Fun Magic Restaurant Cooking Games Video


MOD Features

Unlimited Coins/Crystals

Potion Punch 2: Fun Magic Restaurant Cooking Games Description

Potion Punch 2: Fun Magic Restaurant Cooking is a unique cooking game where anything is possible. The point is that this game is made with utmost creativity. It doesn’t take anything from real life. You will get to cook in ways you would have never imagined. For example, you could have baby dragons to cook for you. They can help you in cooking all kinds of dishes like delicious steaks, various dishes of fish, pasta, sandwich and much more. If you are not amazed yet then you will be surprised to know that you can all kinds of ingredients to cook any type of dish. It completely rests upon your imagination to cook a new and unique dish in this game. Although, there are no limits to your creativity you could often feel a lack of ingredients because some of them are locked out when you first start playing the game. You need to progress in the game fast enough to unlock those ingredients.

There are some other interesting things that you can do like making night lamps with mushrooms and fireflies. That might seem a bit weird but this is how you get to know what you are up for in this awesome cooking game.

You can make many of the desserts in this game like ice cream, banana pudding, chocolate chip cake, cheesecakes, carrot cake, pecan pie, and much more. This game will make you think about what is there that cannot be cooked in this game. It might happen that you are from some other part of the world and many dishes are not there in this game. You can kindly contact the developers and ask them to add those dishes. The great thing about them is they listen to what the Potion Punch 2 community has to say.

Many of the other delectable items include all kinds of steaks. You can cook the steaks in any way you want. The steaks are a common food in this game and it is generally loved by the customers. You might feel that this game is a bit American in style but I bet you that you will not be able to resist them once you have them. The various types of steaks that you can cook in this game are Ribeye Steak, Strip Steak, Short ribs, Flap steak, Tenderloin steak, and much more. Steak lovers will definitely feel at home while playing this fantastic game.

The game previously had 7 chapters but due to the huge popularity of the game, the developers decided to add chapter 8 to the game. Many of the long-time lovers of this game wanted it. The interesting part of the chapters is that each of them offers a unique story with a different perspective of them. You will definitely learn something about cooking in this game.

You also have the option to change the design of your shop. You can design it in whichever way you want. Although you don’t get the option to edit every design element it is sufficient in my opinion. You can also upgrade your amazing chefs to enhance their abilities so that they can earn you more. It will help you to progress even faster in the game.

It’s not only free but so very Modest in comparison to others. If you’re skilled, without actual money you can go through and purchase all the improvements. I purchased a loot pack to help the game makers because they deserve it! The narrative is nice and runs multiple businesses while traveling to other countries… definitely recommended! You’re not going to be dissatisfied if you try it once.

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