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You know that feeling you get when you’re really into a book or a movie? You forget the real world, and the only thing that exists is the alternate world that’s been created for you. You feel like you’re part of it. The characters are your friends, the plot twists take your breath away—you just can’t stop thinking about it. That’s what this game does for you.

With Novels Choose Your Story, you get to write your own adventure with a constantly expanding library of stories to choose from. You pick from a series of plots and set off on a side-scrolling adventure where you control the characters and make choices that help or hurt them. And if you don’t like the choices that are being made available to you, you can skip forward to another chapter.

You’ll meet characters who surprise, amuse, and steal your heart. Each story has more than 20 chapters, so there’s always something new to look forward to!

Are you looking for a way to escape from the bustling streets of a metropolis and visit a mysterious haunted mansion looking for an adventure? Or, do you want to be the next famous detective in a crime novel? Whatever your fancy, Choices: Stories You Play (Android) gives you the freedom to decide how your story unfolds. This interactive game provides users with a whole range of genres and stories to choose from, with decisions that can radically change the course of the plot. Discover romance or horror, adventure or fantasy — whatever suits your taste!

You can choose to be a guy or girl and you can also choose your clothes and hair and everything that goes with it. you can also choose who your love interest will be and so much more!

This game has so many different stories that you can choose from which makes it even more fun to play. Each story is unique in its own way but they all have one thing in common: You are the main character! You decide what happens next!

One of my favorite stories on this app is called ‘Hollywood Starlet’. In this story, you can become a Hollywood actress who meets a handsome Hollywood actor (and possibly fall in love with him?) or maybe you could become a famous model? It’s all up to YOU! This game is so much fun to play because there are so many different things that could happen at any time during each story line.

There are tons of different storylines you can follow, from fairy tales to sexy romances (yes, there are sex scenes). The stories are constantly updated with new chapters for each storyline, so there’s always something new for you to play and do. If you’re like me and enjoy reading romance novels as well as playing video games, then this app is perfect for you!

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