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This is where the storey begins.

According to the information obtained during the first operation, Murder Cleaner’s first job takes place during the outbreak of the virus. The Q-100 terrorist organisation has created a new virus for the aim of testing it. Because of snooping, the government was able to track down and plan to stop it fast. The Q-100 was eventually disbanded as a result of the deaths of its most essential members. It will be your responsibility to clean up the mess that the assassins have left behind.


You could have guessed from the name that Blyts created a particular style of play. I’ll go into the mechanics of how we’re going to get there and what you’ll be expected to do in greater depth later. As a quick recap of the previous context, there will be assassins following shortly after. You are responsible for disposing of the corpses of persons who have been slain while they are responsible for the crimes. The ultimate purpose of this initiative is to implement anti-terrorist measures. As soon as you have eliminated all of the key players, you will have achieved your objective.

I am aware that there has been a homicide in this building. You will need to employ the tools and artefacts that were discovered at the murder site in order to do this. My first expedition serves as the most illuminating case in point. Concrete mixers, concrete, water, sand, and cement were strewn over an abandoned construction site, which had been abandoned for years. I had the idea of filling it entirely with his body and then burying him in the dirt. This is indeed functioning, and I was able to accomplish the assignment correctly.

When it comes to controlling the game, all you have to do is touch and drag anywhere on the screen. If you want to get your hands on anything, all you have to do is touch it. Whenever you want to make use of something, simply go to the inventory and choose it. I dissected his corpse with pliers and dropped it into the concrete pole, which was the right size and shape for it. It was time to go to work, so I took a bucket and dipped it in the water supply before throwing it into the concrete mixer along with the other components. Following that, the problem was resolved.

Setups and locations that are very stunning, complete with hand-drawn artwork.

In the meanwhile, individuals who are interested may always take pleasure in the game’s magnificent and wonderful hand-drawn landscape. As you learn more about the photographs that hold special value for you, you will get more and more engrossed in t

There are puzzles to solve that are both intriguing and entertaining.

Some of the activities and challenges in the game may be of interest to you, so keep an eye out for them while you’re having fun with it. Along with the puzzles, there will be a range of tasks to perform in each assignment, some of which will be both brilliant and fun in their design. With its ingenious and imaginative riddles, this is a game that will leave you stunned when you finish it. In this game, the twists and turns, as well as the mind-boggling obstacles, are constantly there.

he experience. Due to the enormous amount of information available, players will be unable to complete an in-depth analysis of the full scenario in one session. The solutions to your troubles can be found right here on this page. Because of this, you must keep continual alertness throughout searches and investigations.


Nobodies provides Android gamers with a full and enjoyable gaming experience in which they can easily interact with several areas of the game’s settings through the use of hand-drawn illustrations. The story-driven aesthetics of the game, as well as the distinctive character designs and locales, contribute significantly to its overall appeal.

With its simple aesthetics and straightforward gameplay, Nobodies is a delight to play on your mobile devices, not to mention the fact that it’s completely free.


If you immerse yourself in the engaging puzzle-solving gameplay, you’ll be hooked in a heartbeat. Because of the excellent audio effects, everything in Nobodies will appear more real and delightful while you’re in a new location or undertaking important activities. When this is combined with the game’s incredible visual effects, the result is a significantly more engaging experience.

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