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Romance and Love are the most important elements of a relationship, without these two any relationship will never feel good. On the contrary, it might seem like the most horrible feeling that you have ever had. The game that we have brought for you along with this article is My fantasy: Choose your Romantic story game, this seems more like an order rather than a game, however, this game is all set to make your life quite a bit cheesy and exciting.

The game is a story mode game that lets you decide whatever you want to do with your life, you can decide the way your life goes, you will get to choose your life partner. The player gets to date a lot of people and the choices you make will determine whether they will stay in your life or not. The plot of romance and love has been greatly successful in this genre of games and we hope that you will enjoy it to the maximum.

My fantasy has a very interactive story mode and you will get to witness an extremely enjoyable conversation. Engaging and interacting with a date allows you to know them really well, you will get to understand about their decision making process, their reasoning capabilities and the way they deal with all their problems. All of these things might not seem like a big deal but as your relationship ages you will have to have a person that works with you in solving a problem and not the one who just complains about it and leaves you alone in a dire situation, someone who sticks to your side is the one you should pick.

Being compatible with each other is a blessing you will most definitely enjoy in a relationship. However, not being compatible has the opposite effect, you will be constantly arguing with each other on every other matter and things might get extremely obnoxious, it is something that no one wishes to have in a relationship.

My fantasy mod APK has a lot of characters on offer that you will be able to interact with, each of them will be different because everyone has a different experience of life and that is what shapes his/her personality. Even if you don’t date a particular person, you will atleast to understand how people think and this will greatly help you in your life afterwards. In this process, you will learn how to deal with different people for different purposes and that to us sounds great.

You have been left by your boyfriend and you have also been fired from the job, your sister challenges you to participate in a big reality TV show, this seems like an opportunity that can help you get back on your feet because of the fact that the prize for winning the show is a million dollars. Are you confident that you will be able to pull out the show? If yes then play the game and make fair choices because you and your decisions will be controlling the narrative so be careful and step into it with a bang. You will have all the characters unlocked in the game and you can engage with anyone as per your wish.

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