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Those who appreciate farming and farming games, such as the formerly popular game that almost everyone has played, Village and Farm, will find My Dear Farm to be a suitable and fantastic alternative for them. When it comes to enjoyment and general satisfaction, the creator of this game has upgraded and enhanced more of the game’s components, as they have with their prior farming simulators, to give players with a better overall experience.

You’ll start the game in a little garden with a few basic plots of land, and from there you’ll build a shop and sell the things you’ve developed. You will be able to choose your character, change their appearance and hairstyle, and then begin the process of establishing a one-of-a-kind farm as the most expert farmer in your gardening trip. You may raise the value of your farmland by planting trees, upgrading your equipment, obtaining garden essentials, and beautifying the surrounding region. This will help you to grow your business and enter the market for selling things.

After sowing the seeds of your company’s development and reaping the benefits of your efforts, you will sell the products of those seeds and labor to visitors to your farm. In order to attract and retain a continuous stream of clients, you will need to arrange your farm in a way that is both appealing and expressive of your own taste, and you will also need to consistently transform your hard work in the garden into finished items. Purchase some more seeds with the money you’ve earned and then furnish your garden.

Working in a variety of capacities on a farm will provide you with experience in producing, breeding, harvesting, and selling your products to willing customers. Playing this game will allow you to experience not just the joy of farming, but also the effort that goes into it.

Because this is a farming simulation game, the creator has integrated practically all of the user input and recommendations since the game’s first release. Players, particularly younger ones, will like the game publisher’s anime-inspired artwork and uncomplicated gaming style. This is one of the game publisher’s distinguishing features. My Dear Farm may be called the whole farm version because to the passionate additions provided by the company.

We must, of course, find a means to make money. You will be able to exchange your products at the My Dear Farm-managed booth located in front of the farm. Customers come in and inquire about the precise sorts of vegetables they want to buy. All you have to do to ready it for sale to them is plant it and then harvest it. In exchange, you will receive gold coins and tickets. Following that, you should continue to use these two to buy gardening gear and seeds. Naturally, if you start with more expensive seeds, you will have to charge more for the finished product. The number of vegetables you cultivate will be determined mostly by your marketing plan.

My Dear Farm’s graphical design is undeniably one of its most charming elements. This game is full with gorgeous details, from the depiction of the main character, a chibi, to each adorable tiny tree. The majority of the game’s aesthetics make use of vibrant colors that have been meticulously balanced to create an extraordinarily pleasant ambience. Because the gameplay is leisurely and idle, the background soundtrack is peaceful instrumental music. This type of gaming is ideal for My Dear Farm.

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