Mr Meat: Horror Escape Room Puzzle & action game MOD (No Ads)

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DeveloperKeplerians Horror Games
Requirements4.4 and up
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Mr Meat: Horror Escape Room ☠ Puzzle & action game Description

The tale of Mr. Meatgame begins with the outbreak of a zombie pandemic that has begun to wreak havoc on the city. Your next-door neighbour, the butcher, is a ravenous zombie that desires nothing more than fresh blood and meat to satisfy his voracious appetite. During one of his many bloody rampages through town over the past two decades, this crazed killer has kidnapped an innocent girl who was unfortunate enough to be in close proximity when he escaped from prison where he had been locked up after being caught by authorities during one of his many bloody rampages through town until they finally got him put away behind bars (or so we thought). After being released from prison, he promptly returned to his old life, seeking out new victims in whatever place he could find them. As soon as freedom knocked on his door, he made himself at home once more, returning to society with vengeance in his heart.

Basic storyline of the game

Because the walking dead can hear your movements, you should use this to your advantage and remain hidden from the undead. If their gaze falls on you, they will attempt to kill you! Solving puzzles is essential if you want a chance of rescuing the girl alive, who is being held captive inside an ominous house that is being held captive by a serial killer. With superb music and graphics, you can use guns or act like the zombie catcher – don’t let any zombies get away without being gunned down first during your jail break into this mystery abandoned place where nothing is as it appears!

Honestly, when I first saw Fat Mr. Meat stomping around my computer screen, waving his arms and screaming incoherent gibberish at me, I was frightened to death. In fact, he’s so large that he can virtually block out all of the other characters on the screen with just a few steps – it’s no wonder he’s nicknamed “Fat.” But what about now? It’s now possible for little ole’ me to do anything in front of him without feeling self-conscious.

In addition, thank you for the 30-second advertisements since reloading would have been really difficult without them because there are only three rounds in each pistol before you need to reload with additional ammunition. Although this is classified as a horror film, believe me when I say that it is also humorous.

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