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YouTube Kids Description

Not every parent trusts the internet to be safe for their kids. YouTube Kids was created as a more child-friendly alternative, with easier navigation and kid-focused content in an easy to manage space, so parents can decide what’s best for themselves while still being able to keep tabs of what exactly is going on through specific parental controls such as time limits or filters that only show appropriate videos.

YouTube kids is a fun and engaging entertainment channel for children, which tries to keep everything family-friendly. They use a combination of automated filters built by their engineering teams, human review from parents themselves, as well as feedback they receive so that inappropriate videos will not slip through the cracks. But nothing’s perfect; sometimes things do happen just as with all social media sites!

Limit screen time: Set your kids’ screens to an hour or two and they’ll spend more of their day exploring other activities! Keep up with what they watch: Check the Watch It Again page, where you can always see what’s on now.

Select the “Approved Content Only” mode if you want to handpick the videos, channels and/or collections that your child has been approved to watch. In this mode, children won’t be able explore content on their own without parental supervision. The “Preschool Mode” designed for kids 4 years old or younger curates videos that promote creativity, playfulness, learning and exploration with kid-friendly topics like songs; cartoons; crafts etc., while our “Younger Mode gives 5 – 7 year olds a chance to explore interests in nearly any topic they choose from popular music & gaming all the way down to how sneezing works! Our “Older Mode” is perfect for 8+ year olds who are at the beginning stage of getting into teenage.

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