[Modded] WindWings: Space Shooter – Galaxy Attack MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Unlimited Money

WindWings: Space Shooter, Galaxy Attack Description

WindWings: Space Shooter, Galaxy Attack has a great storyline, it is a story about a soldier who accidentally went through a time gap and has now landed in the distant future. The future looks really enticing and he witnesses a substantial amount of advanced development in science and technology. Researchers are trying to find new planets in space, life on new planets, and a whole lot more, they have developed huge warships to fulfill the dream of exploring new planets, the warships are fairly loaded with weapons so that they can do whatever they want to do without too much of a threat.

The soldier in all his excitement joins this journey to find the promised land but things are not easy and their fleet encounters many warlike monsters in space, these monsters not only attacked their spaceships but were also trying to invade the earth, Amidst the war situation the commander orders the soldier to lead this war from the front and take the responsibility of attacking the monsters and defending our own planet. Your journey in this game is not going to be smooth and therefore you will have to be prepared, you will face an enormous amount of enemies and powerful bosses.

To win the battles, you will have to upgrade your spaceships, collect important items, enhance your combat capabilities and use special tricks. The game has a very simple layout but it is enchanting and you will not get bored of it, the game is set up in a 2D environment, however, the graphics are good and everything has been designed very carefully – from the enemies to the spaceships, all the illustrations are praiseworthy.

The game’s control mechanism is fairly simple, however, the most important factor to win the battles are the reflexes, your game of reflexes should indeed be very strong. The aircraft you will be sitting in would be firing all by itself, the only thing that you need to do is to save the aircraft from the enemy attacks and since there will be a lot of enemies, you will have to be very quick in moving your spaceship across the horizontal plane. A lot of things also depend on your screen’s sensitivity as well.

Even though the controls are very simple, your skill matters significantly, and quick movements are the key. You will encounter a boss in each of the fire campaigns, apart from this, there will also be a lot of smaller enemy units that will appear in bulk and can be threatening to your spaceship. Your spaceship has the ability to resist and withstand some amount of damage, the attacks are a bit random and the player might fail in the battle.

The smaller units have a very basic attack and you can kill them all easily. The bosses are a bit hard to face, they attack really well and they do have certain patterns of attacking that can be remembered and used accordingly.

The bosses are very resistant to attacks, they are strong, and killing them is a challenge, especially if you are not well equipped. Another great feature is the large number of spaceships on offer, you can choose anyone, they are powerful, have different designs, and carry unique capabilities. You can upgrade them endlessly to make them powerful and beautiful at the same time.

This is the greatest arcade space shooter game. All of the others pale into insignificance. The graphics are fantastic. The game play is well balanced, making it suitable for both beginners and professionals. There are many methods to improve the spacecraft. They clearly spent their time developing the game rather than simply slapping it together for a quick buck. If you purchase the premium version, you will not be required to view any advertisements.

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