[MODDED] Wild Sky TD: Tower Defense Legends in Sky Kingdom MOD (Unlimited Skills)

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DeveloperCrunchy Studio LLC
Requirements4.4 and up
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Wild Sky TD: Tower Defense Kingdom Legends in 2021 Video


MOD Features

Unlimited Skills

Wild Sky TD: Tower Defense Kingdom Legends in 2021 Description

The game has an intricate gameplay, a never before seen depth and many different systems to conquer. This strategy defense tower-based RPG used the Tower Defense element as its heart with innovative new modes that will keep you on your toes for hours. The great upgrade system gives players access to various functions which allows them create a solid line of defenses against waves after waves of monsters in their way! You can also use your heroes abilities to defeat these enemies using special skills.

The player is in charge of defending their base from an onslaught of enemies. In order to do this, they must build towers along the main road that leads up to the enemy’s base! Every wave will have a different type of unit, so be sure you are prepared for anything and everything by constantly building new defense stations along your way back home.

The game focuses on the player’s strategy and how they combine terrain with tactics in order to create a solid defense line. Each tower has its own characteristics, which means monsters will be diverse based upon their forms of resistance that are different from one another. Players can strengthen themselves by improving them through an upgrade system if they face more opposition- so far this power is assigned to each individual tower but there are many variations for players who wish to develop it further.

In the future, players can build towers that have a variety of different characteristics to help them fight against monster attacks. These four basic tower types are available at the beginning of the game and each one has its own strengths in terms of combat capability. Players will need to pay attention when they’re building these towers because if there is an enemy attack from all directions it might be difficult for you to buid it! Towers cannot be moved around without penalty so make sure your defenses line up properly before committing any resources into what could turn out being wasted work.

It’s been a while since I last played your game. Since then, you’ve added some really neat features that keep me entertained for hours on end! From the different animations to new elemental powers and abilities, it feels like every turn is an adventure waiting to happen! There are no complaints from my side for this game and you could definitely give this game a try.

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