[Modded] Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Unlimited Money

Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces Description

Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces is a game for all the World War fighter planes enthusiasts. However, all the aircrafts appearing on this game will be from the World War I era. Don’t get me wrong, the planes of that era were also interesting and we began to see all the countries innovating at a rapid pace in all aspects of their military. One of them was fighter planes and almost all of the major countries invested heavily into them. It set the precedence for all the modern fighter aircraft that we see today.

There are many different types of missions in this game and this is what keeps you hooked for hours. If you are getting bored with all the air missions then you can get to the ground and fight with the enemies. However, in my experience, it is worse compared to fighting airborne. The game is primarily designed to fight in the air and you get the most out of the game when you fight in the skies.

The mechanics of the game is pretty simple and you could control the speed and direction of the airplane. You could also fire on your enemies with the controls. Your airplane automatically fires but you can set it to manual firing. There will be buttons for other weapons on your plane. The planes of that era were not sophisticated enough so you will get a hang of it in a matter of days. The radar system also works accurately and you could rely on it. Moreover, there was no stealth aircraft in that era which makes the radar systems even more reliable. You can switch between the first and third-person views. The first-person view is not that great for having an idea of where your enemies currently are but it also gives a realistic experience. It is an extremely thrilling experience seeing your enemies’ planes bursting into flames. It might sound sadistic to you but this is how most real fighter pilots feel. For them, patriotism comes first. All the while many of the pilots do feel the pain and that leaves permanent scars in their minds. Getting back to the game there is also an option to get your friends to fight with you.

The game features 3D graphics which enhances your experience and you feel that you are really in the cockpit. Not many games offer the same level of experience and you certainly will have a good time playing them. The skies are also designed beautifully and it is dynamic meaning you will see clouds floating and them reflecting the sun’s rays. The scenes are mesmerizing and I took some screenshots while playing the game.

You can fight with players from around the world. The Deathmatch feature is your way to go if you want to fight with them. You could form your own team with your friends and fight with those players. The sound effects are also amazing and I was fascinated to know that the sound of the plane’s engine was taken from real planes. The developers of the game have put a massive effort into this game and we should appreciate them for it. The only problem that I had with sounds was the fact that volume levels were not that high even at maximum volume. It might be an issue with my device but I thought it is important to mention it.

I would like to have an auto repair for the planes and a medical camp that treats the pilots, which would take a few hours or a day, rather than paying for repairs that cost more than the wins. This would leave some players, including myself, perplexed as to how to proceed with the game. Overall, it is a fantastic game and I would urge everyone interested in fighter planes to play this game at least once.

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