[MODDED] Walk Master MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperTwo Men and a Dog
Requirements4.4 and up
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This mod apk allows you to purchase sticks and skins that aren’t included in the official version.


Due to the lack of interesting titles at the time, it being unknown, the game gained a lot of popularity for its well-known content and incredibly funny gameplay. Players can monitor the game character and continue walking towards the end of the path on which they want to go before they manually moved him to the destination, using button presses or path indicators. The roads in the Walk Masters are not simply laid out so that visitors can get exercise, but to teach them to avoid various dangers.



Furthermore, it is important that one have excellent accuracy when playing this game. If you want to come out on top, you must win in the race, you must keep your opponent from reaching the finish line ahead of you. Also for small children, operating the windmill’s rotor may be fatal. When they stop they do so for two beats, they immediately start spinning again. When you have chosen a suitable time for the character to conquer, then step up the challenge and broaden the application of the expansion. This is particularly true of competitors who are still fighting for the game after they have lost; they don’t just have to manoeuvre their way through the barriers, they have to use the lines, too.


Although the stilts are a simple, use of them takes expertise and finesse, especially when they must be used when balancing on top of tall objects. To fall or startle a small children may cause serious injuries, so you must always be very careful. Master’s level of accessibility can be obtained if you spend a lot of time learning how to get there, but to get the high scores on all the levels, you must be exceptional at the game play.



There are two play modes for players to choose from: one where the character must walk a long distance to score, and one where they only have to walk a short distance. And if the distance seems to be limitless, you should run as far as you can because the forest looks as if it is reaching endlessly into the distance. All you have to do is push deeper into the trees, and the more problems and dangers will present themselves! Use great caution, and if you do not, you would likely have an accident.


A bonus time attack mode was added, where players had to keep their speed up in order to escape objects that could completely constrict them at any moment. Many hundreds of diverse puzzles have been added for players to WILD WALK THE MASTER. A team has no way of knowing what they’ll encounter on the way ahead of them, because the gameplay content is randomised.



Your adventure has become more fun as well, courtesy of the two men and a dog publisher who also adds a few characters for colour. Their appearances are very special, and their comments are wryly amusing. Instead of the donkey, you should take on the persona of a pink pig with a pinwheel hat with Démon, of a maniac with glasses, or of a ferret instead.


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