[MODDED] Toon Blast MOD (Unlimited Health/Coins/Boosters)

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DeveloperPeak Games
Requirements4.1 and up
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MOD Features

Unlimited Health/Coins/Boosters

Toon Blast Description

Toon Blast brings the classic match-three puzzle gameplay to a whole new level as it offers all your favorite features from similar games and more. Players will enjoy hours of exciting levels with fun powerups, interesting challenges, and many other great things that you can’t find in any other game!

You’ll have access to unique quests which offer challenging obstacles along with fresh twists on traditional puzzles while also being able to explore an epic world that’s filled surprises at every turn.

In this game, rather than matching three or more cubes with the same color, you will just need to tap on two or more cubes of the same colors. As you connect multiple blocks together and pop them up from your screen for points; try using these special abilities like blasting vertically across a column of squares in one shot to make some fast-paced moves.

The game has a lot of levels and challenges that get more complicated as you advance. Start with the easier ones at first but don’t be surprised when things start to pick up in difficulty! The higher level prizes are worth it so keep on trucking if you want those great rewards.

If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to pass time, Toon Blast might just be the perfect game. It’s filled with boosters that will make your gameplay unique and fun- not like other match three games where there is only one booster per type of cube color. And if matching cubes together is what interests you most in this game then have no fear! You can connect up to six different colors at once when they are close enough on the board so it won’t take long before all those lines get cleared off completely by using rockets or smashing them out with disco balls (which also happen to come as some awesome boosts).

The Toon Blast game is everything you want in a puzzle and more. The colors are vibrant, the graphics are sleek without being too demanding on your device’s ability to play it smoothly, there’s poping cubes galore with fun animations that keep things interesting… It really doesn’t get much better than this!

This game is a rare gem. It has got the perfect balance of showing ads and gameplay, and the fun levels are balanced with some that really challenge your strategic thinking skills! It is a must have if you are bored with the traditional match-3 games.

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