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Thief puzzle is quite a unique game and is very unheard of because puzzles, in general, have nothing to do with thieves and vice-versa. This game has somehow blended the concept of puzzle-solving and stealing so well that you will absolutely fall in love with it. The game is very basic although it is far from being easy, When you will open the game for the first time, it might seem disappointing and monotonous but as you start playing it, you will actually like it, this game actually grows on you with time and the journey is fun. A puzzle is actually meant to test your problem-solving skills and the speed at which you are able to solve them. Puzzles are really the best stimulus to your brain as they evoke your thinking capabilities, it is challenging but at the same time, it is quite fun as well.

Puzzles also sharpen your memory because you might encounter similar problems a lot of times and remembering the problem will help you in saving your time and solving it quickly. I absolutely love playing this game because it makes me think and thinking for me has always opened the gates to some great perspectives and unique solutions that never really made up to my conscious mind. Whenever we think of puzzles, our naive mind thinks of puzzles like crossword puzzles, word-search puzzles, number puzzles, and things like that but thief puzzle is something extremely new and it’s astonishing that puzzles have such a wide scope and we never really even thought of something like this.

Thief Puzzle has a lot of amazing levels, you will be placed in different scenarios with different objects, and you will have to steal the required object without letting the other person know about it and if you fail, you will have to pay the price. The thief’s hand in this game is very long and it is to be used sensibly in order to steal things cleanly leaving no evidence. What makes it more fun is the fact that this game has tonnes and tonnes of themes and each level has a different theme and a different setup, figuring out how to steal is the workout for your brain.

You will have the resources right in front of you but choosing the right resource to complete the mission is going to challenge you. You will have to use your logical brain to put things into places and use them to steal the object. It is surely going to test your intelligence, your patience, and your creativity. The game although simple is quite humorous, you can easily play this with your friends, your family, or any other person. You will see the character giving a witty smile every time you cross a certain level, and if you get caught it gives the expression of annoyance. Such tiny details and nuance make the game more entertaining and more engaging as well. This game has become famous as well and it has clocked more than 10 million downloads, that’s a huge milestone, to be honest, and it is definitely worth a try, so install this game and have fun with your friends and family.

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