[Modded] Tail Gun Charlie MOD (Unlimited Currency)

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DeveloperPanic Ensues Software
Requirements4.4 and up
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Unlimited Currency

Tail Gun Charlie Description

Tail Gun Charlie is one of the most interesting World War 2 games that I played in recent times. As the name suggests you will be a tail gunner and your main mission is to kill the enemy planes before they get past you. You need to lead them and destroy them on their way because if they get away they will destroy your bases and the mission will fail. However, you get some flexibility as a player because few enemy planes cannot destroy the entire base. There will be times when you will feel that you are losing the game but don’t lose your focus as it is your only friend among your blood-thirsty enemies. This game really makes you feel nostalgic even if you didn’t exist during the World War II era.

The controls of the game are extremely simple but very difficult to master. I mean if your phone has a gyro sensor then it is very difficult to get the hang of it. It tries to simulate the workings of a real-world tail gunner. Many a time you will face the difficulty of locking your enemies and firing at them. Also, the machine gun is of the World War II era, due to which they need a cooling time before you could use them again. You do have the option to upgrade your weapon but the problem will not be solved 100%. You will have to adapt to it and play this game for hours before you get used to it. I get it that the weapons in this game can be a bit annoying but if you can master it then there is no war game like this one.

There are also tutorials for you if you are not the type who directly jumps playing any game that they find. The tutorials are short and to the point which is something lacking in so many other games. You can breeze through the entire tutorial in a matter of 10 minutes at the most. However, there is no helping hand once you start playing the game. You will have to find your own way around destroying those pesky fighter planes. Occasionally, you may find some friendly fighter planes that will help you but they are pretty rare so you need to keep that in mind. If you feel that the game is getting too difficult for you then you can upgrade your planes as well so the enemy planes cannot fly past you easily.

Despite the game being from an indie developer, there are not many ads in the game. You are in control of the ads since you can click to watch the ads at your will for bonuses. There are many different kinds of bonuses and all of them will help you to make your progress faster in the game. The graphics of the game are really amazing and the designers have taken care of every fine detail in the game. You will have a fun time with only the graphics of the game. The sound effects of the enemy planes bursting into flames are simply mesmerizing, also the firing sound effects are real and it greatly enhances your experience. I hope the developers keep adding new levels to the game to make it even more interesting.

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