[Modded] Stealth Master MOD 1.12.0 (Free Shopping)

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DeveloperSayGames Ltd
Requirements7.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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  • Free Shopping!

Stealth Master – Assassin Ninja Game Description

Stealth Master is a ninja game that allows you to become the hero and kill those bad guys who pose a threat to the general public. You might have no idea of the martial arts or even if you have it is highly probable that you have got the knowledge from the ancient Japanese legends. That to me seems very dull and boring, this game on the contrary gives you full control over your actions, take your katana and go out to test your skills with the weapons. Kill as many bad guys as you can and collect more and more money so that you can buy the essentials that are meant to improve your gameplay.

Stealth Master is a very straightforward game that is easy to understand and easy to play as well. As you enter this game, you need to awaken the beast inside of you so that you can fool the bad guys and give them what they deserve. While killing your enemies, you need to be really careful as well because you not only need to save yourself but also collect as much money as you can.

You get to experience a huge variety of weapons that will make you extremely powerful and dangerous at the same time, the enemies are also well equipped and they can inflict damage to you very easily so be careful!!! You need to practice your skills every day in order to become a great Ninja, you need to become an assassin master so that you can take on those challenges and complete those bloody missions. The game although not a reality is very engaging and is totally capable of giving you goosebumps, the environment is very well designed to give you the feel of a real ninja.

To become a great Ninja you will have to attend classes in the best universities and then write a thesis on how to kill the bad guys within seconds!!! Don’t worry that was just a joke. As you progress in this game, things will get harder, there were be more evil people and hence more targets to take down.

This will require more effort and patience on your end. The game also offers a variety of features, you can buy weapons, super abilities, and superior armors as well but since all of them will cost you money, you will have to be careful in choosing the one you should be spending your money on!!! Each weapon in this game is unique and has its own style, the more you spend, the better the weapon you get. Some guns are so powerful that you can kill multiple enemies in one shot.

The plot of the game is such that you work on a contract basis and each contract will have the requirement of killing the ultimate boss, since you will be working on contracts, each contract will bring in a new location for you so that you don’t get bored. The music of this game is surely a great contributor, the sound effects make the game more intense and engaging. Another cool feature is that you can change your attire whenever you want, there are four characters in total, play with the one you like although you should remember that you were born a Ninja!!!

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