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Shazam Encore is not just a song identifier and an app, it’s your new best friend. Shazam doesn’t discriminate against operating systems with their ever-growing list of platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and many more. Originally developed by the company Shazam Entertainment to help people identify songs on whatever device they’re using (because let’s be honest we all have our favorite tunes that are stuck in our heads), this application has been swept up by Apple for $400 million because of its growing popularity worldwide.

For those of us who are always on the go, Shazam is a time-saving app. With just one touch you can find anything from an old song to that new hit your friend sent in text message all with this simple application!

With only one tap of the screen and pressing it up against any source which may be playing music, whether live or recorded – before long Shazam will have identified what’s being played at lightning fast speeds so as not to waste precious seconds scrolling through other songs when we’re looking for something specific like that favorite classic tune or even more current hits no matter how obscure they might seem.

When you’re scrolling through social media, it’s common to hear a song that catches your attention. With the Shazam app, pop up and background features can be used in order to find out what just played without having to stop everything else you are doing on your phone at that moment. It saves time by not needing an internet connection or wifi for this function; with these tools combined as well as notifications from friends about new music available every day, there is no reason why you should not use this awesome app.

Shazam is much more than just a song identifier as it has the ability to synchronize lyrics. This feature can be found on its main screen and displays words from songs in real time, allowing users an even deeper connection with their favorite music.

There is a reason why Apple purchased this app. It really solves an important problem of the modern era. It is a must have app for those who are always more keen on that background music.

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