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Additionally, Samsung’s browser has a more attractive homepage than Chrome. The primary distinction between the two is the degree of customization available. Samsung Internet enables me to customise my homepage by adding shortcuts to my favourite websites. As a result, I am no longer required to type the website’s address each time I wish to visit it. Chrome, on the other hand, displays only the most visited websites — a feature that is also available on Samsung Internet. This is not always a good idea, since you might wish to avoid having any of your most commonly visited websites appear on the front page.

When you perform a search from any tab, the website shortcuts you manually add to Samsung Internet’s homepage appear below the address bar. This enhances the overall experience. To illustrate, if you are on the Android Authority website and long-press the Home button to initiate a new search, you will see a list of all of your website shortcuts at the top of the browser.

On Samsung Internet, dark mode is also superior. Although Chrome only darkens the toolbar at the top — which vanishes when you scroll — and the Settings menu, Samsung Internet darkens the pages you visit as well. Enabling dark mode when reading a post on a website with a white background and black text will change the colours. The backdrop will become black, while the text will remain white. It takes some adjustment, but you will immediately notice the gain when reading in a darker setting — your eyes will thank you.
You can also combine the dark mode of Samsung Internet with a high contrast mode. It alters the colours of fonts and other page elements to make them stand out against the background. The screenshot above illustrates how this looks in reality.

Additionally, Samsung’s browser has a few other useful features that its main rival does not. It features a floating scroll up button that, when tapped, returns me to the top of a tab. Additionally, it has an integrated QR reader, which is still useful from time to time. Additionally, it includes an integrated ad blocker that can be enabled or disabled within the browser. I am not required to launch a separate app as I am with Chrome.

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