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Rush Hour 3D MOD APK Description

Rush Hour 3D is a game for enthusiasts who love driving. The game is really easy to play and you will love driving the car because it gives you the feel of driving a real car. The controls are fairly easy to use and quite simple.

Game’s Physics and Graphics

The game isn’t an unrealistic one where physics goes for a toss, Rush Hour 3D is made in accordance with the principles of physics and you will get to witness this as you play the game. Being a car enthusiast, I love playing this game where you can drift the car endlessly and have fun. You can also take it to the corners and get drenched in fun. The game has good graphics, which make the experience even better. The game provides power ups which increases the power of the vehicle.you drive and giving you a mad rush of adrenaline. Rush Hour 3D offers a variety of cars that you can play with, be it sedans, coupes, supersports, hatchbacks, SUV’s, and a lot more.

Rush Hour 3D Mod APK unlimited diamonds

The game rewards you with diamonds as you overtake other cars in your lane, the more the better, you also get more diamonds if you overtake more than 2 vehicles at a time. You can play this game with just one finger because the car on default starts moving as you start any particular level, its just that you need to use your finger yo change the lane so that your car can overtake other cars in your lane.

The car also applies brakes on its own if you are moving in your own lane and you get close to some other car. With each overtake you are rewarded with diamonds and you also get bonus for a close save while overtaking. As you finish a level you are awarded with a lot of diamonds and diamonds are the currency of this game.

Garage in Rush Hour 3D

There are host of things that you can do with it. The game provides a lot of options like buying cars from a garage, upgrading your existing car wherein you can increase the power, upgrade suspensions increase its handling capabilities and you can also toughen up the armour for your car so that you get less affected by the cops who would be trying to catch you as you wrongly overtake cars by getting into the opposite lane and threatening the cars coming from the opposite direction. There are certain levels in this game where the cops would be chasing you and you will have to take even greater risks in order to overtake the cars and not get caught. There are high chances that you might crash your car because of the high traffic but if you cross this level successfully, you would be rewarded with a lot of diamonds.

Subsequently you will get a bonus level in which there will be no traffic, you can drive the car and collect as many diamonds as you want, the higher you collect the better it gets for you and the richer you become.

Car Tiers

The cars available are divided in three tiers, the first tier has affordable cars which will help you in polishing your skills because they will be very raw in the way they perform so completing the mission will be a bit of challenge. The second tier will have better cars, they would be better in terms of looks as well as performance and the last tier will have a very few cars but they will be extremely good in terms of performance as well as looks. As you successfully complete each level, some amount of the rewarded diamonds will be kept in a piggy bank. You can use it any time you want. Rush hour 3D also has a game mode where you will have to race against the time to save yourself because the back of your car would be equipped with a bomb and if you fail to reach the checkpoint within the given time frame, the car will blast.

Rush Hour 3D Hack

Our Rush Hour 3D hack will help you in getting you two things specifically.

Here are the following two mods in the game:

  • The first is that your diamonds will increase as you spend them.
  • The second option will let you have no traffic on the road.

Both of them are great features in my opinion and you will have no problems while playing the game especially if you enable the second mod. However, the second option takes away the very joy of playing this game. Hence, even if you enable this option, I am sure you would disable it if you decide to continue playing it.

Although, I do agree that the intense amount of traffic can get annoying at times and you may want to progress faster in the game.

The best mod in my opinion is the second option. It helps you in increasing diamonds as you spend. This helps you in playing the game less and enjoying it more. You don’t have to unnecessarily play this game for collecting diamonds.

You can easily download rush hour 3d mod apk by clicking on any of the download buttons on this page.

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