[Modded] Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD 6.3.9 (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperNaxeex Ltd
Requirements5.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Unlimited Money

Rope Hero: Vice Town Description

Rope Hero: Vice Town is a superhero game that gives you immense amount of power and a huge amount of responsibility as well because with great power comes great responsibility!!! This game has recently been updated and now the graphics have been largely improved, the world has been completely redesigned and the size has also been increased. This game requires you to be fast, bold and fearless in order to become the superhero. This game also introduces you to the world of 3D third-person shooting experience with RPG elements, you will get a completely new experience and will also be able to feel the rush of excitement.

This game requires you to use your power or rather superpowers to free the city from heinous crimes. You will have to fight the evil by playing interesting quests, the hero will have to fight all the gangsters that have filled this city and made it an unsafe place to live. The hero upon completion of missions will acquire fame and gain huge popularity. Some exciting chases and big fights with huge bosses await the hero!!! Your character has some natural superpowers, he is having his arsenal filled with unlimited super ropes. These superropes allow you to make mega jumps and land on different buildings. It will help you in moving quickly across high rise buildings and be aware of what has been happening in the city. In this new update the game store has been updated as well, new discount offers have been introduced and the range of ammunition has been increased significantly. You can chose newer sets of costumes for your character from the new range.

The game also features a number of vehicles that you can choose from, there are SUV’s bikes, pink tank, helicopter or planes. The drivability of the vehicles have been improved and everyone can drive a vehicle according to their own taste. There is an option of skateboard as well that is always available and can be used to roam around in the city. The skateboard provides a lot of maneuverability and is thus a great option for the city.

Rope hero lets you use a parachute, this parachute has been improved and offers more control now, you can take sharp turns and perform more extreme tricks.

The option of gliders is something I absolutely loved, this is the most fun costume that you can wear in this game. The glider makes use of jet propulsion allowing you to move as fast as a military aircraft. This helps in moving on the map very quick, away from the prosecution. Moreover, this custome has an inbuilt weapon system that makes it more functional and gives you the control to fire or return fire on your enemies. The SCI-FI blasters and powerful weapons make this game really enchanting.

GRAVIGUN: This gun attracts all your enemies from around you and is a great thing to use when you are fully prepared with guns and ammunitions to make them shit in their pants.

FREEZER: As the name suggests, this equipment freezes everything around you for some time, be it cars, enemies or anything that you want to freeze.

FLAMETHROWER: Flamethrower has the unique ability to throw flames directly onto your target, this can be used to fire up any freaking thing in the city.

DANCE GUN: The dance gun is unique and gives you the ability to make your opponents dance to your tunes. It can be used whenever you are in a fun making mood.

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