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Would you like to go back in time to when you were a young adult, living a life full of pressure, where each day was difficult and you were always figuring out how to study so that you could get good grades, except this time someone will be there to relieve you, or are you someone who loves cats and pets but is unable to own one for various reasons? If so, Purrfect Tale is the game for you; it takes you through all of the experiences stated above, making you feel nostalgic.

Game’s Plot

The game’s plot is designed in such a way that it will provide comfort in every way conceivable. The story begins when you awaken and realize you have been transported back in time to when you were a student. You are under the same amount of pressure until a cat appears out of nowhere; you don’t know where it came from, but because it is juggling with you and giving you a positive feeling, you choose to stay with this cat.

Purrfect Tales is a story mode game in which you must make decisions at all times. This game allows you to spend as much time as you like with the cat. You can dine together, such as sharing a chilled watermelon with a spoon, watch a movie together, or simply play with one other.

Raise virtual cats

Cats are wonderful, and everyone appreciates having them around. This game allows you to have your own house, preferably a large one where you can move around and have fun. You can also acquire some furniture for yourself, preferably the most attractive and functional ones, so that your home actually becomes a home worth living in.

The game progresses based on your choices, which is the most enjoyable aspect of it. You can live alone and raise lovely creatures who will assist you in enjoying every moment of your life.

The best part about having pets is that you don’t have to worry about treachery since they will stay with you until the day they die. You won’t have to worry about your mother refusing to let you raise a cat anymore.

You can play with them, bathe them, and blow their fur dry with a blower. Purrfect Tales also provides you with a wide range of costumes to wear. Girls are constantly puzzled about what they should wear; in this game, you won’t have to think about it because there are hundreds of outfits to choose from. They come in a variety of flavors that are influenced by many traditions and cultures from around the world.

Explore social circle of cats

The game also allows you to explore the social circles of the cat, known as WeCat, where you will hear a lot of tales from their life in this area, as well as their secrets and some interesting anecdotes. The game aspects have been meticulously designed, and you will not be disappointed. The game also has a comical part where you have a catcha machine that allows you to catch cats. You might not expect this, but once you catch a cat, it is completely yours to feed, live, and have fun with.

Upgrade choices in the game

You will have the option to provide your cat with a garden, furnishings, and other other goods. These upgrading choices guarantee continuous gameplay and excellent layouts. This is a game that will definitely appeal to you if you take pleasure in designing your own houses and interacting with your digital animals.

Additionally, there is an automated shift between day and night throughout the game. Because of this, the game will be able to accommodate players in all time zones.

Use catcha machine

Using this device, you will be able to successfully catch cats in your catcha machines. Because of this, you won’t have any trouble increasing the amount of pets you have.

You may enlist their assistance with things like decorating, cooking, and even cleaning up! Even better, there are literally hundreds of different recipes that you may test out. In addition to other things, you may make pudding, boba milk tea, snacks, souvenirs, and macarons.

August 2022 updates

As August approaches, there are some new and exciting developments in the world of Purrfect Tale. You may now enjoy the Gothic Tea Party Carnival for a limited time! Tea party themed furnishings, furniture, and kittens are available at this event. Whether you’re feeling lucky, come check if the August Claw Machine Limited Event is on your side. Summer limited edition foods, Green Bean Popsicles, or tropical rainforest themed souvenirs might be yours. So go check it out while you can!

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