[MODDED] Producer: Choose your Star MOD (Unlimited Spins)

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DeveloperAmrita Studio
Requirements5.0 and up
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Unlimited Spins

Producer: Choose your Star Description

With a heavy emphasis on under-represented communities, the game takes place in an art company that is producing future stars and training artists to become superstars. You are tasked with taking contracts from clients who require your time and attention as the main operator of this talent school. Your job will be to build up their reputation by doing everything you can for them while also working towards becoming wealthy and powerful like no other true producer has been before!

To make the process of hiring new staff easier, you’ll first need to send them on an in-depth training course and courses according to their inherent talents. This will not only help your company’s reputation but also create a more well-rounded team. With no famous students at this time, it is hard for our companies to bring other celebrities into the fold so you must focus on making sure that when they do compete against others with talent like theirs, they are able to win.

You are more likely to have the opportunity for company sponsorship as your current employees grow in number. This will give you a larger investment capital to be able to better train new recruits, especially by advancing professional training courses for them. There is an array of different courses you can choose from: photo model, fashion model or actor course- just some examples!

If you want great prizes, then join in all of the events and do as well as possible. If your performance is good enough for a certain rating level, rewards will be given out properly according to that ranking. The most prestigious reward are cups which is a measure of how reputable and successful the company is. The higher the championship cups you have more the number of advertisers reaching out to you.

There is a cool game, but the prizes are too low. There should be more backstory of the girls and consequences for your choices in this game. This gives more reasons to invest time in the game. Also, there are some issues with the main storyline getting side-tracked at times with useless small stories. The developers can try to make the game storyline a bit more coherent.

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