[MODDED] Producer: Choose your Star MOD (Unlimited Spins)

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DeveloperAmrita Studio
Requirements5.0 and up
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The film industry is not without its difficulties. Frequently, a large number of talented artists are eliminated during the audition process or at a later date. It’s a fact of life in this line of work. However, once you flourish, you will do many things that the majority of people just dream of. In the other hand, there are creators who make these visions a reality. Have you ever desired to learn more on this side? You can now with Producer: Select Your Star!



Without a doubt, this is a unique game. It has now surpassed 100,000 downloads on the Google Play Store. This game, developed by Amrita Studio, is not your usual one. Because here, you get to be a producer and help your rising star grow his or her career! Utilize a variety of abilities and rise to the top!


The Producer’s Life

It is not easy to become a celebrity. Numerous difficulties await them. From the moment they audition – and even after they achieve celebrity – they face obstacles. However, this does not deter millions of people from fantasising about the possibility of performing on the big stage someday. And your duty as the producer is to do whatever it takes to get them there.


While the life of an aspiring artist is complicated, the life of a producer is very different. He is in control of an artist’s career, and thus determines whether the artist succeeds or fails. However, if you’re still interested in taking on this opportunity, you’ve come to the right spot. Generated by Choose Your Star is a game that teaches you how to foster and grow young artists! Prepare them for the big stage and provide them with as much support as possible.


What Does Producer: Choose Your Star Have to Offer?

You’re probably under the impression that the life of a producer is not glamorous. However, this is where you are incorrect! They are able to participate in a variety of activities. You will discover this when you play this game.


Manage a variety of abilities – What steps do you take to make your dreams a reality? You work diligently and strive, correct? This is, for the most part, the simple part. The difficult part comes when you decide to become a producer. You’ll be in charge of the careers of a variety of talented individuals. Producer: Choose Your Star allows you to take on the role of a producer and cultivate the talent of various talented artists. It is your responsibility to polish these rough diamonds into brilliant stars! However, the road to it is not straightforward. Let us just assume that you will face several obstacles. Are you capable of doing so?




Bright ensembles – As a producer, you are responsible for your talent’s attire. Obviously, the more expensive the procedure, the better the performance. However, keep in mind that you will begin with limited resources. To succeed in this business, you must work diligently. Regular rewards are available in this game. Then, you can use these incentives to upgrade your artists’ wardrobes. There are many vibrant ensembles waiting for you!


Contracts – The artists enter into a contract with you in order for you to turn them into superstars! If things do not work out, they will terminate the deal, causing you to lose money. However, if you do things correctly, you will reap much greater rewards than you can imagine. This is the current state of affairs in the film industry. This is why you must always give your best!


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