[MODDED] Pocket Ants MOD 0.0748 (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements4.4 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Unlimited Money

Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator Description

You might find ants a bit annoying because of the fact that they are tiny and can go anywhere, sometimes at places that might be very discomforting to you, however have you ever tried imagining a life with their point of view, how the world seems to them, this could be a rather interesting journey and this is what we have brought for you today. Pocket Ants mod APK is a game that lets you explore what resides in those tiny holes with ants that you might have found in your garden.

It lets you watch the world with their glasses, how things look and what is it like to be so small, the benefits, the dangers you will get to know everything in this game. Ants have colonies that have huge numbers of ants residing in them, a large number of ants work day and night to feed the queen who lives in the colony itself. This ant simulator lets you do everything, you can expand territories just like ants do and make your community larger. The game is meant to excite its players with the great gameplay that it has on offer.

The game developed by Ariel Software carries a lot of details and the player will definitely get to know a lot of things that he/she might be unaware of, that is the beauty of this game. The player will be able to join the ants in their journey, he/she will be fighting for survival and would be protecting their colonies as well as a part of their duty. In this game, the player will start as a worker of the colony, serving your queen would be your sole purpose at this time, this will lead to the expansion of the colony.

You will have to collect a lot of resources so that no one in your colony remains hungry or feels unfulfilled. The thing that the player should make sure is that the queen is fed very well as this will allow her to lay eggs and expand the colony even more. You are free to become the commander of the working ants, you can guide them so that everything remains in place and that the colony faces no problem.

Invasion is another aspect that needs to be taken care of, keep all the worker ants prepared so that in case of an attack, the queen remains alive and safe because injury to the queen can mean the end of the race and that is something which the player will surely not want. You can also take up other territories from the enemy ants and expand your chamber. Being the commander, you will have to assign different tasks to different worker ants so that everything works in a more efficient way.

Delegation is an important thing because it provides stability and sustainability to the work model in a system. As the number of ants grow, you will have to build a dedicated army so that they can be used in order to raid the other territories. The player will also have to make a lot of new constructions so that the growing number of ants can live peacefully without having a problem with respect to space. You won’t have to worry because this is a modded version and resources won’t fall short anyday. The graphics of the game are also quite acceptable and you will enjoy playing it particularly because of the easy gameplay and an engaging storyline.

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