[MODDED] Overrun MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperWildfire Games Ltd.
Requirements5.0 and up
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Overrun Zombie Tower Defense: Free Apocalypse Game Video


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Unlimited Money

Overrun Zombie Tower Defense: Free Apocalypse Game Description

Overrun throws you into a post apocalypse zombie world. You are a survivor, and you need to defend your tower from the oncoming hordes of undead.

  • Overrun is an innovative zombie defense game that mixes Tower Defense with real time strategy for an exciting survival experience.
  • Strategically place weapons along the map to stop zombies from invading your base.
  • Place specialized turrets in strategic locations such as choke points or near buildings to maximize their effectiveness
  • Use traps like bear traps, tire spikes, mines or log piles to slow down incoming zombies and make them easier targets

While Overrun has many similarities with other tower defense games it also has some major changes which will keep players coming back for more:

  • Nonlinear maps mean no two playthroughs are alike! Explore new places as you go through the game
  • Explore the world, find new weapons and upgrades to build your perfect defense
  • Learn how to use specialized traps like bear traps or tire spikes in order to survive with limited resources
  • You need to constantly upgrade your buildings, weapons, and traps to deal with the ever-increasing threat of zombies.
  • You can also hire experts to help you fight the zombies, and use powerful skills to give you an edge in the battle.
  • The game is also designed for fast and easy gameplay, so players can spend more time playing!

One of my favorite features is that players can choose how much time they want to invest in a session, from one minute to five hours. This means that people who only have ten minutes at lunchtime will be able play Overrun as well! And those with more time on their hands can take on longer missions if they so desire.

You’ll need to make quick progress and plan your strategy, because these zombies will turn all the humans into monsters. The only way you can stop them is by attacking with a well-equipped army on the battlefield where they roam in search of prey. Whenever you launch an attack successfully, people are searching for precious loot that helps equip their armies better for future battles against this horrific epidemic out there!

The only way to stop the undead horde of zombies is with stealthy assassinations. Overrun offers an engaging opportunity by giving players access to unlockable items that can be used wisely or wasted recklessly depending on strategy; it also features challenging missions built around specific objectives like escaping without being seen at nightfall and defeating zombie hordes using certain weapons- even if they’re not lethal ones!

I think this game has all the right ingredients for success: it’s addictive, challenging but not impossible, strategic yet fast-paced–and most importantly, fun!

The new update is fantastic. I love the improvements since April and all of the technical issues are easy fixes, so don’t you worry! Keep up the good work on this great game that brings me hours of enjoyment as a stress relief from my college studies every time it’s in dire need.

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