[MODDED] Overrun MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperWildfire Games Ltd.
Requirements5.0 and up
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Overrun: Zombie Horde Apocalypse Survival TD is the best action game against Zombie today. the planet is now overrun by zombies Deadly and revived viruses are now the rule. the goal of each player is to fight the most horrific zombie in history Furthermore, players can spend time training their armouries, stockpiling supplies, and fortifying the planet’s defences. Prior to the zombies getting into your base, make a list of them. We advise you to download the game as soon as possible in order to have better translation memories.


all humans who are infected with this virus will become crazy and bloodthirsty You will be the sole survivor of the last party on this planet. You must quickly come up with a strategy and an operational plan to brace yourself for these zombies. whenever you wage an effective attack on that area, people will search and receive much loot. These supply lines will provide the forces with stronger weaponry in the next wave.


While you are in the game, you will find yourself in a deadly combat where you will make the ultimate sacrifice. Thus, each player must be well-prepared and prepared for a hard and difficult war. A global apocalypse breaks out, on your world, and 99% of the planet’s population gets contaminated. it sets the planet into an unprecedentedly unstable state




Users will sometimes discover treasure. This treasure is bound to be filled with the most effective weapons and ammunition. Players need to spend all of their money on a general or strategic arm. This will benefit the player.


I’m afraid I don’t have time to speak with you today; it’s a crisis in the situation.


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