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Opera Touch: fast, new & modern web browser Description

Opera Touch is a fast, reliable, and beautiful web browser made to give you the finest and fastest experience. The browser is beautifully designed, and the interface is really to use so much so that it has won the Red Dot Award for the best interface. Opera has millions of users and people love it because of the way it performs, has a lightning-fast web search for instant results. The browser is very responsive and as soon as you open it, it is ready to help you with your search, moreover, the browser features a fast action button that is always available and gives you direct access to instant search.

Safety has become the biggest concern in the world of the Internet because hackers are always trying to breach security and steal data. In this modern world, data is the new gold, and losing it can cost you a lot. However, you don’t need to worry if you are using Opera Touch, this browser uses all the latest modern-day technologies to keep you safe,
offering maximum privacy and protection. It blocks all third-party cookies via its inbuilt tracking prevention. The Opera
Touch also has a private browser mode that genuinely keeps you anonymous and lets you explore things that you might not want others to know. If you have ever witnessed overheating or battery draining with your browser, then this browser solves the problem for you. It uses Opera’s cryptojacking protection reducing the risk of your mobile’s overheating or running out of battery while browsing the web.

A lot of modern-day browsers are slow and a huge reason is advertisements, Opera touch has a built-in ad blocker
which when turned on blocks all the distracting and intrusive ads making the browser faster. Ads take a considerable amount of time to load and hence blocking them makes the loading of web pages easier. Opera seems to be a really handy browser and has a one-hand mode where you can operate it by just using one hand. The browser provides the option of a standard navigation button and a fast action button, you can keep the FAB on, this will allow you to search anything instantly and you can hold and swipe that same button to maneuver to the recent tabs, or to reload, close, or share to your computer’s browser.

Sharing of files, links, etc has never been easier, the Opera browser offers a seamless sharing experience across all your devices. You just need to have the Opera browser for desktop, they work flawlessly well, you can just connect your phone and transfer files, videos, etc. Connecting your phone’s browser to your desktop browser is pretty easy, you just need to scan the QR code available in the desktop’s browser through your phone, and voila!!! you are connected. You can send your files with a single click and they will be displayed on all your desktop and mobile devices. Opera is simply the best browser for your mobile as well as your desktop and you will absolutely love the experience.

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