[MODDED] Novelize MOD 52.0.2 (Unlocked)

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DeveloperTortuga Ltd
Requirements5.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Novelize — Visual novels and stories with choices! Video


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Novelize — Visual novels and stories with choices! Description

In our visual novels it’s up to you to decide how the stories develop! With romance, paranormal, adventure, drama and love story options for girls. Choose your character’s appearance; build relationships with all of the many handsome guys in each chapter before deciding which one is right for you; read regularly released new episodes that open up more game play choices – every day can be a different experience. Enjoy this game now because there are plenty of cute boys waiting just around the corner ready to sweep us off our feet!

The world is your oyster. With every decision you make you have the power to decide how Cinderella’s life unfolds and find a love that will last forever! Fashion, career choices, it’s all up to YOU. It may seem like there are many tough decisions in front of her but they just mean she has more opportunities than most people do for getting what she really wants out of life…and also finding true happiness as well !!!

The Chronicles of Altea
With a tone that’s wittier than the average, you’ll be able to puzzle out and regain your throne. You are not only in charge of magic but also the future two warring kingdoms! Will you find a way to defeat centuries-old hatred? My story is for those who enjoy fantasy, adventure and romance. – Unravel tricky intrigues with cheating partners in my chapter; decide what clothes: an elegant dress or light outfits; play our stories so your choice reveals whether things will develop romantically between the characters.

You can imagine the Raven hill level like one day, you woke up in your room. You were happy and excited for the new day to come; a fresh start with great potentials ahead of you! But then it happened: there was an unexplained sound coming from one side of the house. The noise sounded like thumping but soon turned into something else – screeching that would not stop until morning came around again (or at least seemed so). It’s all right though because there is always someone who wants to check its truthfulness; find out what happens when we explore this abandoned hospital on our own? Who knows how many mysteries will unravel as well as save some friends along the way while deciding whether or not suit wearing light outfits or elegant dresses be better suited for us today. Play Novelize to find it on your own.

I have to say, I am really addicted to this game! It’s got everything you would want out of a mobile gaming app. The back stories are engaging and make the games feel more realistic; the artwork is high quality with an anime-inspired style that captures your attention from all angles. Not only can you play for free but it doesn’t take long before getting hooked on one story in particular because they’re so well done. My favorite part about playing through Yakuza was how quickly my time flew by as every minute felt like hours just reading each new chapter. There are plenty of interesting side quests too which keep me fighting away boredom when waiting around!!!

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