[MODDED] MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperGameloft SE
Requirements4.1 and up
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MOD Features

Unlimited Money

MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess Description

Build your own My Little Pony: Magic Princess world with this 2.5D design game! Create the background and terrain of your kingdom, customize buildings, objects and decorations to make it as exciting for you as possible in a new way. You have all sorts of options at hand – select from both authentic television show character designs or create an original one for yourself–and then decorate how-you like using unlocked assets or customizing everything on-the-go with the camera system’s perspective change feature that lets you traverse across horizontal planes if they interest you more than what is above ground level.

You can explore the world of Magic Princess from your home, or take on new adventures in this magical land. You’ll be able to meet all sorts of characters and learn about their cultures! There will also be many different types of work for you to do at various levels so that it’s easy enough for any player.

My Little Pony: Magic Princess is a game for children to enjoy. You can complete tasks in the form of missions, and get rewards that are well-deserved after all your hard work invested into making this place more special than any other with beautiful houses, decorations and fairy magic! There are also mini games available so you don’t have time spare ever again – what could be better?

This game is full of features that allow you to customize your favorite pony. You can give them an awesome makeover with a variety of colors and styles for their hair, dresses, and shoes or turn them into royalty! The best part about this game is the ability to interact with friends who also play it so you can compete in hoof-pounding events like beauty pageants!

I love this game and I can’t describe how much enjoyment it brings me. The only thing that bugs me right now is the last update which made my quests invisible and unclickable. When I click on where they should be, there’s nothing happening but at least a glimpse of them appears briefly before disappearing again. I hope the developers of this game take note of it and fix this issue immediately.

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