[MODDED] My Cafe: Recipes & Stories MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperMelsoft Games
Requirements4.0.3 and up
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It’s a good place to use for both professional and social purposes; it’s very easy to gain inspiration here. For many, instead of staying at home and working alone, there are many ways to go to a crowded cafe. As opposed to the past, more and more coffee shops are now open to cater to the needs of everyone. It’s not easy to get into the cafe business unless you have a very large amount of money. Even though running a cafe often comes with considerable risk, it doesn’t mean that everyone is eligible to do that. Because you will already know a company or a business before you decide to do business with it, before you enter into a business agreement, research the company or business to find out what you already know about it. If you like the lifestyle of running a cafe, but without any responsibility, you can play the My Restaurant game. If you want to succeed as a manager, you should work in this game.


Players will take on the role of “Ann” to make their dreams come true. She wants to own a number of notable coffee shops in the area. While she was aware that this would be difficult, the girl wanted to follow her dream. to begin her own business, she opened a coffee shop in the town However, at first, things did not seem to go smoothly for her. She preferred to rely on you, rather than seek support from others, during the hard times. You are the one who can help her to expand the coffee shop so that it will have a larger clientele.

Players must represent a large number of customers to gain a profit from them. When a customer comes into a player’s establishment, they will be your waiter. The consumer decides what the player must build to get money from. When the customer enters the shop, you can go to the tea machine to make a cup of tea for them. Besides hot tea, other beverages are also available for sale to customers. Each customer who comes to your cafe will demand all job styles, so you’ll have to do several things quickly.

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