[MODDED] My Cafe: Recipes & Stories MOD 2022.10.0.0 (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperMelsoft Games Ltd
Requirements6.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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My Cafe — Restaurant Game. Serve & Manage Video


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Unlimited Money

My Cafe — Restaurant Game. Serve & Manage Description

The perfect business simulation game for aspiring restaurateurs and baristas alike, My Cafe – Restaurant game mod apk lets you live out your dream of running a restaurant or coffee shop. Design the cafe to match your personal taste with its customizable decorating tools, hire staff members to keep it all running smoothly while ensuring that customers are happy by making sure they have what they need. You can even set menus in addition to prices as you see fit!

Become an interior designer in this cooking game! I am not kidding since you can choose from a variety of styles, and mix-and-match furniture to put your own personal flair on the coffee shop. Decorate with features that show off who you truly are as your career progresses along different levels in Career mode or take over someone else’s cafe business by choosing one at random for some friendly competition. Whether it be fun themes like flamingos or more neutral colors such as green, there is something here for everyone to enjoy decorating their dream home away from home while also being able to make coffee drinks!

You start your own restaurant and cafe business in this addictive simulation game. You have to work hard so that it can thrive, but if you do well enough then you will get more customers! Customize the look of your building with different furniture styles like a lounge or kitchenette to attract people who are looking for what they want. Keep an eye on how much money is coming in as well because when things need updating–say buying new equipment-you’ll have some cash saved up from all those profits already!

In My Cafe, you’ll get to meet your customers from various backgrounds and help them navigate through life. You can pick between different lines of dialogue with customers in this restaurant game – do you like drama? Romance? What kind of story are YOU going for!

Go social with my cafe! With coffee shops all over the world, your competition is everywhere. Meet other players and compete against them as you work to complete tasks and take on quests in this cute 3D RPG game, where every decision will have an impact on how well your town does at festivals.

The game features a range of well-known coffee recipes that can teach you how to make the perfect cup. Whether it be iced, hot, or blended – there is no wrong way! Pick up your favorite recipe and get crafting today.

With the colorful, creative graphics and detailed 3D models of your restaurant’s furnishings, it is easy to get into this game. You will love meeting each customer who walks through the door–they all have a story for you to tell. The new way that they’ve found to share these stories with players makes everything feel more personal than ever before!

You may not have time to play for hours every single day, so this game lets you squeeze in a few minutes here and there. You don’t need any money or special skills either; just some patience! A couple of disadvantages are that it gets boring after a while, and the fun can wear off quickly if I’m only playing half an hour per day. Overall though, I would definitely recommend picking up this game because it’s great for those with limited free time who want something lighthearted but addicting at the same time as well.


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