[MODDED] My Bakery Empire MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperCoco Play By TabTale
Requirements4.4 and up
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MOD Features

Unlimited Money

My Bakery Empire – Bake, Decorate & Serve Cakes Description

My Bakery Empire is the perfect game for people who love to bake! You’ll be playing as Lizzie and opening your own bakery empire. The gameplay consists of taking in orders from different customers, baking cakes, donuts or cupcakes according to their instructions and delivering them back with a receipt at the end of each level. Alongside this you will also learn how various ingredients work together when being baked so that you can make even more tasty desserts on your journey through My Bakery Empire!

Lizzie graduated from cooking college, and her dream is to open a pastry shop. Lizzie is the fairy tale princess with ingredients for success: talent, knowledge about baking, skill in making everything she tries even better than it needs to be- but starting a business isn’t easy! She ran out of dough (sorry) when two big corporations moved into town and opened up their own bakeries so now she desperately needs your help expanding customer base because all that know how can only get you so far.
This young entrepreneur’s story captures the spirit of entrepreneurship through baked goods while teaching us some valuable lessons along the way too.

My Bakery Empire has an easy guide to help you get started. You take specific orders from your customers, then research the recipe. Even if they present a difficult challenge, just serve them with a smile and make sure that their cake is designed in accordance with what they ask for! There are many things to care about when running this empire- whether it’s making muffins or donuts or cakes – but knowing how important customer satisfaction is will ensure happiness and rewards.

For children with a sweet tooth, this game is the perfect way to indulge your love for sweets without any of that pesky excess sugar. My Bakery Empire offers an intuitive touch interface and simple controls so you can easily select items as required before tapping away at the screen to interact with characters! This isn’t just a great time killer – it’s also educational too!

Your eyes will light up when you see the beautiful 3D graphics and colors that come with My Bakery Empire. The game design is meant for girls, so it’s easy to get acquainted and become a master baker at all of your favorite pastries as soon as you start playing! Plus there are delightful sound effects like gentle music with slow rhythms; if this doesn’t awaken your senses then I don’t know what will.

My Bakery Empire has lovely 3D graphics, vibrant colors, game design is designed just for kids – which means getting started in these pastry shops becomes second nature quickly! Sound wise we have cheerful tunes coupled by soothing melodies too- no matter how wide awake or sleepy you feel after waking up from an afternoon.

Though I didn’t tested this game but from the looks of it I feel that it is an ideal game for kids who are in baking.

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