[Modded] Modern Ops MOD (Unlimited Bullets)

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DeveloperEdkon Games GmbH
Requirements4.4 and up
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Modern Ops – Online FPS (Gun Games Shooter) Video


MOD Features

Unlimited Bullets

Modern Ops – Online FPS (Gun Games Shooter) Description

Modern Ops is a modern warfare game that gives you the feel of a real battleground. The game is full of action and you will love playing it!!! It is an online multiplayer game that you can play with your friends at any time. The graphics are really good, and the game is very engaging. The guns that you get by default are an AK-47 and a pistol, the controls are fairly easy, however, you will have to practice aiming because if you do not aim well, the gun will not start firing at all.

The game is lag-free and it gives you a very war-like feeling. If you have ever played Call of Duty or PUBG, you will not be disappointed with this game, it gives you an ample amount of functionality so that you can enjoy the game. There are so many modes that are on offer in this game like team deathmatch, point capture, free for all, only knives, and a lot more. My favorite mode happens to be the only knives mode.

As the name suggests, you will only have a knife to play with, this is particularly the funniest mode that you will encounter in this game, its is fun because sometimes you will be running behind your enemy with the knife, and the other times your enemy will be running behind you. Team Deathmatch is also good, here the time is limited and you will have to kill your enemies as many times as you can, the area is quite restricted and there are a lot of things that you can use as your cover, you will have to approach your enemies tactically and kill them without getting injured, you also have the option of explosives that you can use to absolutely destroy your enemy.

One thing that I personally love about this game is that amidst a fight if your bullets get emptied, it automatically switches the gun for you so that you can continue to kill your foes without any fuss.

Modern Ops offers a host of customizations as well, you can change your looks by wearing different outfits, you can upgrade your armor to the ones that are safer although you will have to spend some bucks, but don’t worry because we are talking about the in-game currency that you can use to buy or upgrade different kinds of stuff.

There are different skins available that do not only look great but also improve the overall stance of your character. Talking about the guns, you get a host of guns in this game, choose whatever you want and fire the shit out of your enemies. You get a grenade to kill multiple people at once and there is also an option of smoke grenades that you can use to blind the people on the other side.

There is a possibility of getting injured in the battleground and since you cannot afford to lose, you have a medikit available with you at all times, just use it and it will restore 100% of your health within a matter of seconds. The space required by this game is a bit on the higher side but you won’t regret it after you play this game. The game has already clocked more than 100 million downloads and still holds an impressive rating and great reviews.

How to Install?

The steps mentioned below are only for newbies so don’t waste your time if you already know it.:

  • First of all check out the extension of the file. It must be an apk. If you see that there is no such extension then you need to simpy rename the file to anything ending with a .apk.
  • Tap on it next and click on install on the following prompt. You might be prompted by Play Protect to stop since it is a malicious file. Don’t panic as mostly it is a false positive. Installation process will finish automatically after this.
  • xapk files are harder to install. You can change the extension of the file .zip and extract it.
  • There will be two different files in the extracted folder: .apk and .zip. You need to copy/move the OBB file to Internal Storage/Android/OBB.
  • You should be able to install the apk file in extracted folder following the first two steps.

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