[MODDED] Modern Age MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Unlimited Money

Modern Age – President Simulator Description

The best way to prepare for the future is through leadership. Become a president and lead your country into prosperity in Modern Age!
Modern-Age, a classic geopolitical economic strategy game where you can play as any modern state’s leader, has been rebooting with new improvements: now it not only offers more countries but also contains scenarios that reflect what might happen if certain events take place. The graphics have improved too – now they are three times nicer than before. It sounds like a great opportunity?

The politics of a nation are always changing. To be the right person for your country’s needs, you’ll need to keep on top of current events and adapt as necessary in this game. You must also take care not only in how much territory is yours, but what resources it contains!

Annex states and kingdoms, send troops to capture resources. Try to build a fleet, prepare military units, buy or produce military equipment. Erect airfields where you can have your banners flying high for all the world to see that they are yours; arsenals so that every soldier in need is armed with arms of steel (not just their own); barracks for those who will live there should be lived well as soldiers ought not suffer when on duty nor go without food; shipyards so great warships may come from them like metal dragons ready to fly into battle prepared at any time!

You also can send spies and saboteurs if one lacks knowledge about how things could work out better than before – this way it’s possible strengthen oneself against enemies while also learning more about what awaits.

As the supreme statesman in this game you must always be on the lookout for opportunities to expand their empire. You should look at what your state needs and find how you can get it from other countries, either through trade agreements or military force. The best way to ensure that other nations don’t take advantage of is by signing non-aggression pacts with them first which will keep a balance in power between you both so neither one gets attacked without provocation – thereby ensuring security among allies. If they’re not keen about trading peacefully then show ’em who’s boss!

I have to say that this game is really fun. I am a person who always manages my time wisely, so after playing for about 6 months now, I’m currently at the point where all of my countries are annexed and everything has been researched. The only thing left would be sending items through each state which can take forever! If you’re considering buying or downloading this game then it’s worth your money in every way possible because not only it is entertaining it is also educational in nature.

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