[MODDED] Mini War: Pocket Defense MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements4.4 and up
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Unlimited Money

Mini War: Pocket Defense Description

Mini War is a stealthy, dungeon crawler-style game where players must explore the context of their enemies. The enemy ambush area is on an ancient battlefield with rugged wild mountains that contain secrets and treasures to find for themselves.

Mini War: Pocket Defense has everything from a thrilling storyline in which you take on the character warrior who builds defense strategies to protect your kingdom from invasion by bosses, merge towers together into powerful armies or summon historical heroes along with unlocking unique battling skills such as calling up dragons versus knights!

Mini War is a short but engaging game that offers all the thrills of an RPG without any boring grinding, lengthy button smashing sequences or boss fights. Players are thrust into battle with different unique bosses defending their final kingdom. The characters in this game will change when equipping items and weapons, so players need to collect as many items they can find while merging towers for increased combat power.

Mini War: Pocket Defense is a mobile game for those who want to challenge their mind with strategy. With each level, the player will face more challenges and meet stronger bosses than before. Mini War offers unique quests along the way that are based on what class you’re playing as which gives players variety in terms of gameplay objectives while still keeping things interesting one after another.

This game will have you covered with free rewards and power-ups, such as double attack, auto mergeing of gems for each other to form one level higher gem. You’ll win a lot just by playing the battle games! Don’t forget about daily prizes that can range from gold reward coins or treasure boxes that may contain more goodies like free in app purchase items or even some cool new skins for your character.

This game is a good choice for those who are looking to kill time and have some fun in the process. It’s easy enough at first, but it does get difficult as you progress through more stages so be prepared! I’ve been having a lot of difficulty with crashes lately and ads that last longer than 20 seconds, which can make this experience frustrating sometimes. But overall it has made me happier because my thumb doesn’t feel like its going numb from playing too many games on our phone screen anymore.

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