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Maybe: Interactive Stories is the hottest latest romance storey app that puts YOU in the centre of the action! Every week, we collaborate with top writers, well-known webtoon developers, and never-before-seen celebrities to bring you the best role-playing games!

Choose from genres such as Sweet & Steamy Romance, Fantasy, LGBT+ Love Stories, Drama, Young Adult, and more to fall in love with a new adventure!



– Get your FREE romantic stories today, where you get to choose what happens!

– Each immersive chapter features amazing graphics, entertaining options, and lovable animated characters!

– In a brand-new adventure game, you will build YOUR OWN character to bring to life!

– You have complete control of what you think, who you fall for, and how you make them yours.

– Your decisions will alter the course and conclusion of YOUR plot!


– The episodes of Maybe are full of fun twists and turns!

– It’s never been hotter in a romance storey!


Let’s start with the first one: a plunge into the realm of Maybe: Interactive Stories!


Of the most recent stories are:

The Hit Vampire Romance Series Royal Blood

Your long-lost father reappears and invites you to enter the vampire underground, where you encounter three charming yet deadly vampire siblings. You discover your unique ability, and the destiny of all vampires rests in your possession. Which of the three attractive vampires would you choose? Create your own story’s conclusion!


Perfect Partner is a hit series about a steamy relationship.

You’re the capable CEO of your own company. You meet John in a bar and have an experience with him that you’ve never had with someone else. When you see him as your secretary again, you agree to two contracts: one for work and one for “partnership.” Who would you pick between your dangerously hot assistant and your bad-boy childhood friend?


Monarchy LGBT+ Series: The Tyrant’s Bodyguard

A civil monarchy governs the Empire. You serve as a bodyguard and have the opportunity to protect the crown prince. What happens when you find yourself in the middle of a conspiracy to overthrow the monarchy? The Empire’s destiny, as you see it, is in your possession. Will you be able to protect the Empire and the man who is willing to sacrifice anything for you?


Flirting Island is your once-in-a-lifetime romance storey.

When the employer fires you, the bachelor billionaire CEO gives you the chance to reclaim your career and earn a tidy amount as a bonus. You must audition for a relationship reality show and do your best to romance him for the sake of your job! Will you focus on your work or strive to be a couple whose passion isn’t just for the cameras?


The Medieval Fantasy of the Remarried Empress is full of intrigue (NAVER SERIES)

You were selected to be the Emperor’s life mate, but now he’s second-guessing himself! He picks a slave as his companion instead of you, and now she’s after your throne as well. Would you let this happen, or will you give the other handsome nobles vying for your hand a chance to romance you and give you your happily ever after?




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