[Modded] Mars: Mars MOD (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

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Requirements4.1 and up
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MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked

Mars: Mars – Space Explorer Description

Mars: Mars – Space Explorer may have a weird name but it is one of the most interesting games I have played in recent times. If you are someone who is interested in space exploration then this game is surely for you. In this game, you will be exploring Mars planet. The game is also interesting for those who are curious about life forms on other planets. Also, please note that this game does not promote any kind of conspiracy theory about aliens. The game is built on the facts that are currently supported by the scientific community with a little bit of creative freedom.

You will travel the harsh lands of Mars and discover the quirks and features of the planet. You will get to know many interesting facts about the planet. It is not without any reason that scientists are interested in Mars. Apart from our planet, it is the next best planet when it comes to supporting life. They are trying to discover whether humans can survive on the Red Planet. You also get to explore the planet on your own UFO which is basically a spacecraft made specifically for the martian atmosphere. Riding in a jetpack is more exciting in my opinion. However, you do have the option to choose the UFOs. There are many challenges in this game and you could try to complete them all. The game is an endless runner game so it is a great time killer in my opinion. It is also a fun game for those who are interested in adventures.

Many big companies are working towards taking humans to Mars and this game simulates what life will be like on Mars. NASA has many different Mars missions and we can safely conclude that life will be very different on Mars than on Earth. If humans were to survive on this planet then you need to use special types of suites. It is due to the fact that the air is very thin when compared to that on Earth. Also, the pressure varies according to the height of the surface from the mean sea level and seasons. The best part is that this game takes all these facts into account and has special suites for the player. There are various popups as well teaching you about the overall atmosphere of the planet.

The martian surface, atmosphere, skies, and everything, in general, has been designed very meticulously, all the while taking care of all the facts. It must have been a monumental task in creating the whole Martian environment. The developers have also done their job well and there are not any glitches whatsoever. I had some issues with the game when I first started playing but that is also resolved. The sound effects are also amazing and I don’t know if there is anything real about that but they do a great job in making your experience more immersive.

This was a very enjoyable and extremely addictive game. What I enjoy is the uncluttered and uncomplicated design. I’ve seen a lot of games that have far too much clutter, even when it’s intentional. This game achieves that equilibrium. The ad placement is brilliant and unobtrusive, without detracting from the aesthetic, which is critical when inserting adverts in a game.

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