[Modded] Make It Fly! MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Unlimited Money

Make It Fly! Description

Make It Fly is one of the most interesting games for all the aviation enthusiasts out there. It is not a flight simulator game which is so common these days instead it gets a bit more advanced where you need to build your own aeroplanes from scratch in order to complete the missions. Speaking of missions, each of them is designed very creatively and you will feel that as you play the game. The difficulty of all the levels are calibrated well enough and at no point you will feel that it is impossible to complete a particular level. You also have the option to skip a level by watching video ads for about 30s. Not many people know about it, so keep that in mind.

There are hell lot of options when it comes to creating your aircrafts. The aircrafts will not be as complex as the modern commercial or fighter planes. Instead they will be very simple in design, kind of like the small planes from the 70s. Don’t get me wrong even in these simple airplanes you will get tons of customization options like tuning the engine, adjusting the wings, adding new GPS systems and much more. You also will have the option of upgrading the parts, if you get stuck in any of the levels. However, do keep in mind that you need to have required coins for that. If you don’t want to play endlessly just to get coins then you could watch ads to supplement some of your needs.

One thing that I have learnt while playing these types of games is the fact that you may need to try a particular level several times before you get successful. Don’t get worried though as the games are designed that way. You need to use your skills and upgrade your planes wisely to complete the levels. The obstacles designed in the games are as interesting as the different planes themselves. You need to know all the quirks and features of your plane in order to efficiently pass through them. Some planes are good at maneuvering while some are fast and can help if you run out of time. There are also planes which are very efficient and they can be really effective if you run out of fuel before completing the level.

New levels and new features are added in the game on a regular basis. However, do keep in mind that you will not be able to instantly play those levels. You need to complete the preceding levels first. Now when it comes to the planes there are not any new planes added to the game in recent times. But they are expected to be added soon enough. One interesting thing that has been recently added to the game are the mini quests. These are basically mini levels with some basic tasks that you need to do. The simple advantage of them are that you could complete them quickly and you will be able to earn a few bucks.

The game has not the best graphics in the market. Many of the elements are lacking the attention to detail that it requires. However, one obvious advantage of such graphics is the fact that you will be able to play the game without any issues on low end devices. It is easy to navigate the menus and you won’t feel any issues with that. The sound effects of the game is really well done and many times you will feel like you are in an actual plane.

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