[MODDED] Madout Car Driving MOD (Unlimited Money/Free Upgrade)

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Unlimited Money/Free Upgrade

Madout Car Driving – Cool Cars online Description

Madout Car Driving – Cool Cars Online mod apk is the improved version of the original street racing game. What sets this game apart from its’ peers is the fact that it features some of the most detailed streets in some of the most famous cities in the world. It is an extremely thrilling game with police chasing you, while you try to beat your rivals. This game is the Bahamas of Street Racing. Even an avid real life street racer will find this game interesting.

One thing to keep in mind is that this game doesn’t encourages breaking traffic rules. Madout Car Driving is just meant for entertainment purposes. It is made so that you don’t take risks while driving in real life. Many of the youngsters forget this basic idea and later suffer for their actions.

Coming back to the game, you will also find a plethora of cars in the game. Sometimes these cars are exact replica of real life racing cars like Ferrari Enzo, Koenigsegg Agera RS, Porsche Panamera Turbo, Honda NSX Type R, and much more. They will not have the same name but you could easily figure out if you are a car enthusiast. Your rivals will also have the same level of cars and so this game can be a bit challenging at times. To avoid that difficulty you need to upgrade your cars at a crazy pace. You can get away with all of the pain of upgrading your cars by downloading the mod apk of the game. Although, I still believe that the real fun is when you play the game in its original form. It really pushes you to upgrade your driving skills on the streets, and makes you strategize before you do anything in the game. A racing game should not always be about adrenaline but grey matter also.

Decision making is one of the key things to be successful in this game and you could only get it if you are playing it without any kind of mods. However, you need to play the game only for fun then you could play the modded version.

Currently, there are no traffic or pedestrians in the game which makes it a bit odd. However, the developers of the game have clarified that they would be adding it pretty soon. It also makes street racing a hell lot easier which is not good for a street racing game. They are also planning to add some futuristic cars as well which is always a welcome. You will soon see a lot of concept cars from many different companies. All the cars may not be very realistic but it is something that you need to test it out.

The physics engine of the game works well since all the cars take the damages as they should. You cannot compare it to the best of the lot but it is certainly good in my opinion. They are trying to improved the visual effects more and you would certainly see an improvement in the later versions of the game.

You could upgrade a hell of things in this game including all your car’s parts. These upgrades can be costly at times and you could only avoid it by playing the online matches since you get them for free at times. The graphics of the game can still be improved by a huge margin and it is a common complaint in the PlayStore. The sound effects however need no improvement since they are at their best. Madout Car Driving is an excellent car racing game and you should definitely check it out.

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