[MODDED] Idle Miners Settlement MOD 3.14.1 (Unlimited Money)

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Meta InfoDescription
DeveloperFunVenture - Idle Clicker Games
Requirements4.4 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Idle Miners Settlement: Mine, Craft, Fight Video


MOD Features

Unlimited Money

Idle Miners Settlement: Mine, Craft, Fight Description

The Idle Miner game is a great new way to make the most of your time. You can collect resources, grow pets and unlock more as you go along depending on what area you’re currently in. Tap the screen for faster navigation through forests or caves filled with gems that will help build up your settlement house which unlocks multipliers when completed! You can unlock enough pets throughout the day and make them complete tasks for you automatically. It still allows players to control at any given moment if necessary – simply tap anywhere on-screen to interact again!

Explore the world of Idle Miners Settlement and dig down to find diamonds, gems, coal etc. or go up into a forest for cutting wood however you choose! You’ll collect tons of resources in this fun game that’s not only completely free but also gives you hours and hours worth of gameplay. And when your inventory is full with items that either aren’t being used or are just taking space – sell them off on the market board where they will be bought by other players who can use those materials for their own buildings/crafting projects.

This game is perfect for someone who wants to escape reality. You can choose the right character with craft tools such as hammers, axes, etc… that allow you to build the village the way you want. Choose a style like medieval or ancient and use your imagination! If building isn’t enough challenge for you then collect items in caves below ground level or fight off enemies on top of mountain tops – it’s all up to how daring of an adventurer YOU are!

The game has a friendly and interactive way to build your village by yourself, but you can also find friends in the process. You will be able to trade items with people who are around you as well as exchange animals. If you want new decorations for your town or even clothes (or anything else!), just trade it with your neighbours. It’s always fun when there are other people in the village as you can start trading things and sharing secrets together! Try joining this interesting community like game today if have not already so you can enjoy this game to the fullest.

A game that you can play on your phone or desktop, but with a twist. The graphics are not the best as far as I’m concerned and it’s yet to be seen what updates will fix this issue. That said though, there is something about Idle Miners settlement for me – maybe its the very unique gameplay? Or how great pets make collecting resources so much easier… whatever it may be, if you’re looking for a new strategy/clicker hybrid mobile app then here ya go!

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