[MODDED] Idle Island Tycoon: Survival MOD 2.6.1 (Unlimited Money/Resources)

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DeveloperAtalana Games SL
Requirements4.4 and up
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Unlimited Money/Resources

Idle Island Tycoon: Survival Description

Survival is a hard thing because the world is an unfair place and conflicts always create problem for someone or the other. The game that we would be putting lights on runs the plot of survival, the game is completely built around the concept of survival. Idle Island Tycoon: Survival mod APK is the game that we would like you to experience. The game depicts the scenario of the post apocalyptic world where people are in ruins and a lot of people have lost everything. The job of the player here is to try and make things normal. Helping every survivor should be the goal of the player here.

The most important needs of humans is food and shelter, this is of utmost importance to survive. In a post apocalyptic scenario, everything from homes to harmony gets destroyed. People are left alone with no food and no place to reside. Your focus in the game should be on how to rebuild everything and how to restore the glory that has faded due to the apocalypse. Happiness is one more important aspect that takes a toll in any post apocalyptic scenario. People are depressed and fearful.

The player will have to make conscious effort in improving the scenario and one way to do that is to help people in achieving the same lifestyle that they had before. Idle Island Tycoon mod APK is an idle game that has the essence of survival mixed in it. The player here will get to explore a lot of different places and a lot of different terrains while he/she is on the way to establish buildings and find resources in order to get their lives sorted. The player will have to understand each and every aspect of how things work and then do things accordingly.

The island will be a very small one in the beginning, but as the player goes on to explore different corners of the the island, he will find new people and will thus be able to expand the island. The player will have to get the people to work because not everything can be done alone and you will need people in order to progress.

The people you find will not only help you in making buildings and houses but will also be quite helpful in building ships that would help you travel across different islands, you might wonder as to what is the need for ships and travelling, however, you will have to understand that you might not get all the things on the same island that you live and therefore the need of travelling arises, the ship that you build along with the people will help you gather resources from different places and will further allow you to make the lives of survivalists much better than before. The player will also learn a lot of new things like crafting tools that will help ease the process of making buildings and other different things.

The game has a very cartoon-ish graphics although they are quite good and can help the player relax his/her mind. The game is truly apt for anyone no matter what the age is because the gameplay is simple and there is not a lot of mess that the player will have to deal with. The ultimate goal of the player in this game is to discover the 4 islands that the developers have made available, it will be a mission for the player and he/she will have to play it more and more to complete the same.

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