[MODDED] Idle Diner Tap Tycoon MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Unlimited Money

Idle Diner! Tap Tycoon Description

Are you someone who loves food in all possible ways and wants to make a living out of that or you are someone who sees a great potential in food related businesses!! If yes then Idle Diner:Tap Tycoon mod APK is one great game that deserves your attention.

The game developed by PlayStack is becoming famous with time and honestly it has every element that is required for making a game successful. The most important thing that this game or rather any successful game has is the ability to retain its players. Retention is extremely helpful in building a loyal fanbase and all the games that are extremely famous right now were surely able to retain their first users which lead to more people joining in making it extremely likeable.

Idle Diner is a great game if you wish to know about the intricate details that are involved in running a Diner/restaurant business. You will get to know about a lot of things that you might have not been aware of and it is not necessary that all of those things will be good, you will come across some nasty practices that you might not be comfortable with, you can change all such practices and inculcate the good ones. This game gives its players a great amount of freedom, they will have everything under their control and they can make whatever they think is fit for their restaurants.

You can learn the basics of interior designing and can design the interiors for your restaurant in the way you like. Being a business owner you will also have to be very careful of everything that might be going on in the business, you will have to appoint the best people to run your restaurant, the best chef, courteous waiters and a polite manager is all what you will require.
You will also have to keep in mind that customer is always right(even if they’re wrong) and that you don’t have a say in it. The player will also have to be active and keep a track of the number of orders that are placed in the restaurant. If the player sees that the number of orders placed is consistently overflowing then he/she is required to appoint more chefs, waiters as well as managers. Make sure that all the people are honest and courteous towards customers.

You can start your business with just one dish although it will have to be extremely good. Once you build your loyal customer base, you can move forward and try out new dishes, this will draw in a lot more customers provided that the dish is extremely good. As the business grows, you can hire chefs that cook varied dishes derived from different cultures, this will help you diversify and appease customers from different cultures to come to your restaurant and try out the dishes.

The game also offers rewards to the players. All of these rewards are provided at certain milestones like cooking a certain number of dishes, or hiring a certain number of people or by upgrading something in your restaurant, Idle Diner mod APK is great in all the aspects. The functionality is great and everything is well in place.

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