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Unlimited Shopping

Idle Barber Shop Tycoon – Business Management Game Description

You’ve always dreamed of becoming the best barber in town. Now it’s finally time to take on this challenge!
You’ll start with that old furniture and create your own family business from scratch. Improve every detail, turn a small-town salon into an award winning hair styling studio able to please all kinds of customers with revolutionary techniques!

As the owner of a hair salon, it is your duty to make sure that all customers leave satisfied and well-groomed. With so many things you could do with such an established business like yours, take advantage of this opportunity! Expand your premises by customizing them for new hairdressing services or try out some trendy beard styles on male clients.

You should also be able to give services to fashion conscious women who want their fashion routine to be fast and efficient. You could use different types of gels, combs/brushes as well as various colors when dyeing their locks; go light during summer and darker in wintertime while wearing updos or buns depending upon what suits any given client.

You can be the perfect hairdresser and make a difference in this game by offering up creative new hairstyles. Unlock different skills to shave, curl, cut hair as well as dye it with many colors! Improve your reputation and become more successful thanks to all of the wonderful ideas you have for clients that are looking great! Work on mustaches, sideburns or goatees too because there is something out there for everyone when they come into your salon. Be ready at any time so learn every technique possible before starting work – one wrong move could cost you big bucks if not ruin someone’s day completely.

You have the power to find your next barbers. Research skills, personality types and hire people who will be a great fit for you!

You’ve got it in your hands to make sure that every single customer walks out satisfied with their haircut from start-to-finish. You’re an important boss of this business – so spend time researching potential employees by checking out what they can offer, assessing their personalities and figuring how best they’ll fit into the team when hiring them on board. Know where each person excels as well as any weak points too: get all of these details right before bringing new staff members onto ‘your’ salon floor.

While playing this game you can discover the joy of making friends with new people! Whether you are looking for a friend or partner, there is no better way to make connections than by getting involved in your city. Talk to all of them and get intimate knowledge about their lives from different angles. You might find that one person can help take your hair salon far beyond expectations!

What if the stories that come to your barbershop are not just about their haircut, but also a piece of them? The idle game provides players with an opportunity to explore and know more about different people. You may learn what they do for work or where they live. During each visit you will get closer and find out how much there is in common between you two. Some visitors might offer help during progress while others share life advice which helps even when it’s time for bed!

The game features 3D graphics with fun cartoonish characters. The design of the characters tell you that the designing team of the game had put in a great deal of effort to make the game more enjoyable. The sound effects in this game are realistic and makes you feel as if you are sitting in a real barber shop. It also has music but I usually turn it off since it makes the game a bit less immersive in my experience.

The best part about this game is that even if there are ads, they’re not in your face. You can exchange them for something helpful like more time or clients! I absolutely love the storyline and it’s great that developers respond to all of the feedback so quickly.

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