[MODDED] Ideology Rush – Political Simulator MOD (Freedom Mode/Unlocked)

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Requirements5.0 and up
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Freedom Mode/Unlocked

Ideology Rush – Political simulator Description

Ideology Rush – Political Simulator is a game made for all of you who are interested in politics. It may not be the best of the lot but it offers a unique perspective. What makes this game unique is the fact that the you will be the secret ruler of the world. You need to manage your powers well because if people get to realize your evil intentions, you are gone. You need to act like a simple politican but play your dirty game inside. Most of the people in this world are followers and you could make them do anything if you play your game carefully.

This game may sound very evil to you but you don’t need to be serious since it is just meant for entertainment purposes. The moment you take it a bit more seriously you will get trapped in the political debates. Political debates often takes up your entire mental bandwidth and makes you feel worse than before. This game however will appeal to people of all ideologies. Communists, capitalists, imperialists, anarchists – all will be happy while playing this game. Basically, you could play in either of the aforementioned political ideologies. Each ideologies require a completely different mindset and you need to have it before you even think of playing the game.

One of the major tasks that you need to do in this game is to prevent wars. Wars will do more damage and it will ruin your entire political career in the game. You need to play at the edge and get the maximum power in your hands while still preventing any sort of war. You could however fund mini wars in third world countries as it ultimately benefits your country. Since you are the Head of the most powerful country in the world, your country has the best weapon companies. These arms and weapons companies profit out of wars which eventually gets you more taxes. There are many indirect benefits of mini wars in this game. However, be very careful before you initiate any kind of wars in the game since it may get you in trouble. All the Human Rigths activists and NGOs will not spare you. You will be under a lot of scrutiny if any of the information gets leaked.

There are many other things you could do as a politician in this game. For example, you could have a nice vacation in the most exotic of places on Earth. You will have limitless power and money to do anything in the world.

Political games are for the sharp-minded people and if you are reading this, it is a perfect fit for you. Ideology Rush mod will take you through all sorts of political tactics and make you the most cunning leader in the world. Since it is a game you could play any kind of dirty tactics on your people and profit out of it. However, don’t do anything that you learn from this game in your real life. It is meant purely for edutainment purposes.

The graphics of the game is good enough and the characters of the game seem like real politicians. You will also get to travel different parts of the world for deals and negotiations. This game is not factually correct always but still you would see glimpses of truth. The dialogues of all the characters are extremely good and I would advise you to not skip it. This will hook you properly in the game. Overall, Ideology Rush is a nice game and you should definitely check it out if you are a political enthusiast.

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