[MODDED] Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve MOD (Unlimited Gems/Coins)

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Requirements5.0 and up
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Unlimited Gems/Coins

Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve Description

Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve mod apk is one of the finest cooking games where you will have your rabbits, ravens, and boars cooking for your customers at your restaurant. What makes this game interesting is the fact that the cook in this game are animals. They hunt for animals and then cook it for the customers. You will get to see all kinds of dishes and sometimes you will be amazed how good of a cook they are.

When the restaurant gets crowded they will also help you to serve dishes. They are nice waiters and will never misbehave with your customers. What you will get to see is the fact that customers will often tip them. Your cooks in this game also try to surprise your customers by cooking some surprise dishes that are not there in the restaurant’s menu. You also get some bonus coins when they cook something that the customer likes. This will help you in unlocking more levels quickly in this game.

There are many levels in this game and all of them are designed uniquely to keep the user engaged. The point where the levels differ from each other are the restaurant settings, number of customers, the prime guest, and the cook. Some of the cooks like the bear can handle most of the recipe but you get to unlock it at a later level. However, once you unlock it you will see a flurry of guests coming in only because of him. The bear cooks some of the most amazing dishes in this game.

If you have enough coins then you can also unlock many of the unique recipes that this game has on offer. It will also help you to set your restaurant apart from the others in the market. Our Hunt cook mod apk offers you unlimited coins from the start and you can use it to unlock almost anything in the game. The best part about this mod is the fact that the coins don’t decrease when you buy something. It is one big number something like 999,999 and it never decreases. You can see tons of such modded games on our site and you will definitely enjoy it.

The game has many secret levels as well and you will get to play them if you have keen eyes. The secret lies in satisfying your customers and getting to tip them your cook. If you get this done there will be a popup at random that says to enter into a secret level. However, do note that it has nothing to do with the progress in your main journey and you will get access to all the premium cook and recipes.

You can see a lot of meat in this game and you should stay away from this game if you are a vegan. It can literally make you sick. However, this game doesn’t promotes violence against animals and is only meant for entertainment purposes.

The developers of the game are constantly adding new levels to it and are making sure that the game has no glitches. The game is not pay to win and with our mod apk you will not have to spend a single penny for unlocking any of the cooks or recipes. You just have to enjoy the game.

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