[Modded] Hotel Craze™: Grand Hotel Cooking Game MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements4.4 and up
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Unlimited Money

Hotel Craze™: Grand Hotel Cooking Game Description

The Hotel Craze: Grand Hotel Cooking game is for you if want to be the hotel tycoon. You will get into real life and feel grand mania in this game, which allows players open hotels all over the world with a variety of rooms that can accommodate any guest needs. Players are able to cook delicious food as well! Your character also need to relax, so go ahead and enjoy your coffee time after one long day while running luxury hotels or upgrading them by building up your team – it’s good service combined with great taste everyone wants from their favorite hotels.

Build up your hotel team and attract more guests with delicious food. Let the Hotel Craze start now!

Everyone loves a good meal, but why not throw in some room service? Whether you’re hosting a conference or just want to get away for an evening, hire chefs who can serve anything from pizza to green tea. You can practice your time management skills by tapping as fast as possible while fulfilling guest requests- operating hotels has never been so exciting! Try different appliances that will help complete game tasks like upgrading kitchenwares which increases production speed of dishes.

Your time is limited. You’ve got to serve your guests as fast and efficiently as possible, because you don’t want them fleeing in terror from the hotel! Upgrade your hotels right away so that you can satisfy more demanding customers with larger budgets; be sure to cook all kinds of yummy food for these people or else they’ll leave without paying a cent! Travel around the world and open new restaurants in order to collect likes – it’s not just about making money this time but also earning love along the way.

This game also gives you a real perspective of the hotel industry. The hotel industry is booming, and there are many opportunities to be had. Because of this surge in popularity, hotels have started investing more money into their facilities so they can attract the best customers from all over the world. This has led to an increase in high-end hotels being built which not only earn more money but also allow people with a lot of disposable income stay at these luxury establishments instead of larger chains such as Marriott or Hilton who offer less expensive options that may better suit other budget conscious individuals.

Hotel management is a very tough job and this game exactly teaches you that. There will be many people who have done degrees in hotel management whose knowledge will be put to shame when they play the game. The developers have done a wonderful job in incorporating all the typical hotel management skills in a beautiful way. You won’t ever realize it and you would have learnt hotel management sitting at your home. There are very few games who have this kind of accuracy when it comes to hotel management.

This is a fantastic game for people who have tried every single hotel management simulation out there that didn’t turn them off to these types of games because they had too many glitches or weren’t fun enough in general (which was my reasoning). With constantly changing levels and an international selection of hotels, plus challenging tasks to complete at each level – getting your hands on some cash here could be tough but totally worth it if you’re looking for something different than just another cookie-cutter Sims type experience.

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